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They are made for free style and tricks and you can also free ride them and regular bikes are for regular riding.

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Q: How are bmx bikes different from regular bikes?
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Where is the main manufacturer for BMX bikes?

BMX bikes were invented in 1974. It became official when George E Esser founded the NBL. There is no main manufacturer of BMX bikes but there are many different ones.

How often do BMX accidents happen?

Cycling accidents happen many times a day in many different places all over the world. Studies have shown that of all cycling accidents, almost 60% were regular bikes and the other 40% were from BMX bikes.

What makes BMX's different to other BMX's?

That's a pretty muddled question, you might as well ask what makes shoes different from other shoes. BMX bikes can be built for different uses, there are race bikes that are light and have brakes, there are vert/trick bikes that don't have brakes and can take a lot of abuse.

What kind of bmx bikes do pro riders ride?

There's hundreds of different kinds of bmx bikes there's Eastern bikes, Fit bikes,free agent bikes, diamondback bikes, even some bmxers use pro mongoose bikes.

How many different models of bmx bikes are there?


Is Haro a bad bike brand?

in my opinion i rate haro bmx bikes,gt bmx bikes and redline bmx bikes as the top 3 bmx bike brands

Does gt bmx bikes make dyno bmx bikes?

yes they do

Are bmx bikes different from mountain bikes?

bmx's are made for trick and stunts and only have one gear & they don't have suspention they are also smaller , mountain bikes are more for terrain because they have gears and suspention and are a bigger

Are ruption bmx bikes better quality than you the people bmx bikes?

ruption bmx bikes are good but we the people are just a little bit better

What were the hip bmx bikes in the 60s?

BMX bikes weren't around in the 60s.

How do bmx bikes device work?

I have no idea what you mean by a "bmx bikes device".

Where can cheap BMX bikes be found?

Cheap BMX bikes can be found on eBay, Kijiji, Craigslist, Bike Warehouse, Halfords, Walmart, Bicycles Direct, Amazon, Vital BMX, BMX Shop and DK Bikes.

Are framed brand BMX bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

Are bikes from academy real bmx bikes?

Yes, they are professional bmx for street/park.

Where was bmx invented?

BMX was Mainly invented in California, America.BMX racing actually started in America specifically California when a bunch of kids started imitating motocross races on the their regular BMX bikes and no it didn't start in the Netherlands.

Do race bmx bikes really bend?

Not under regular riding, but crash one hard enough and it can happen.

What are some of the different types of bikes that are available?

You could check at a local bike store. There are BMX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes. The main differences are the types of tires, suspension, and brakes.

Do all BMX components fit all BMX bikes?

Most will fit. but not all. There are a few different designs on bottom brackets for instance, and they aren't interchangeable. If you look at older bikes the stems/fork can differ too.

If you get a bmx bike from target is it real?

The BMX bikes that you buy at Target and or Walmart are not the same BMX bikes that are used in BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle. Real BMX bikes are lighter, they have diiferent size sprockets among many other things. Feel free to google the National Bicycle League or the American Bicycle League to get more information.

What company makes BMX bikes?

BMX is a generic name for a certain type of bikes, there are plenty of companies that make them.

Can tall people bmx bike?

Of course they can there are different sized BMX bikes. Of course there is a limit on how tall they can be. But I've seen people probably about 6'5 ride a BMX bike and they were real good.

What size bmx fame is suitable for a 11 year old?

20" or 24" wheel bikes may be suitable. 24" bikes will be better for getting around but are not true BMX's (street trick or dirt race bikes) True BMX bikes are measured in Top Tube Length- all BMX's hav00e approximately the same standover. 24" BMX bikes are considered "dirt cruisers" with the exception of a handful of street trick bikes made for adults over 6'

How much did bikes cost in the 1960s?

About $40 - and there were no BMX or mountain bikes.

What are those mtb bikes cross bmx bikes called?

Dirt bikes

Are colony bmx bikes good?

Yes they are one of the best brands out thereColony BMX bikes are really good bikes because of their strong frames and tires.