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There are no well known South African American football squads, but maybe you and some mates could watch a few games on TV, reseach the rules of the game, and start your own team!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:01:53
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Q: How and where can you start playing American Football if you live in South Africa?
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Where can I start playing American football I live in South Africa?

Well, if there are no American football clubs near you, I suggest that you create your own club.

Which country playing world cup football and cricket?

The two countries thatplay cricket and football are England and South Africa.

Which football team in the world cup are playing first?

South Africa play Mexico first.

Why is England and America playing football in South Africa?

Because its the hots country of the world cup this year

How many football matches have south Africa won?

South Africa have won probably 50 or less football matches.

How many countries are playing world cup football?

There will be 32 teams completing in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

What is the name of South Africa's football team?

Bafana BafanaBafana Bafana is the national football team of South Africa.

Which football league in Africa is best financially?

South africa's PSL

What is the direction of South Africa from South America?

South Africa is East of the South American continent.

How did the German football team get to South Africa?

They won their world cup qualifiers and got to south Africa.

Who is in the South Africa football team?


What is the South Africa football slogan?

Ke Nako. Celebrate Africa's Humanity

Which continent is closer to Africa north American or south American?

South America.

Is Africa a South American country?

No. Africa is a continent, completely separate to South America.

Who is better at football out of South Africa and Mexico?

Mexico is.

Who is hosting the football world cup?

South Africa

Is football played in South Africa?

Yes, it is true.

What is the name of South Africa's football player that was in prison that was the cause of the Football championship 2010 in South Africa?

His name was Rushdii Jappieein and he got out of prison two years ago

Which is the richest soccer club in South Africa?

Kaizer Chiefs Football Club is the richest soccer club in South Africa.

What are all South Africa's results in past football world cups?

South Africa have always been knocked out early.

What is the ocean between South American and Africa?

The South Atlantic Ocean is to the east of South America and to the west of Africa.

How many team playing in the competition in South Africa?

There are 32 teams taking part in South Africa.

Is Thanksgiving celebrated in South Africa - and if so when?

South Africa does not celebrate thanksgiving. That is an American holiday.

How many years has it been since South Africa stsarted playing cricket?

It has been around 68 years for south Africa to start playing cricket.

Where will be the football worldcup for 2010 held?

It was held in South Africa.

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