How a model is made?

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well i am a model and a dancer soccer player and a cheerleader soo u have to be skinny and athelic.. :) Matt c.<3

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Q: How a model is made?
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What is doofania model made out of?

The model was made of Felt Plush

What car was made after the model a?

Ford made two cars called the Model A. The first Model A was made in 1903-04 and was followed by the Model C. The second Model A was built in 1927-31 and was followed by the Model B.

When was the Savage 30 30 model 840 made?

Could you mean the model 340,not 840?If this is the case,the model 340 was made from 1950-1985,the model 340C was made from 1952-1960,and the model 340V was made in the late 1960,s.The model 340S was made from 1952-1960 also.

When was the ward western field model 47A made?

It was made from 1937-1938.It was made by Mossberg,and the model number was Mossberg model 45A.

How old is a revelation model 220b 243?

Your revelation model 220b was actuaaly made by mossberg.The mossberg model designation for this firearm is the mossberg model 800B.The mossberg model 800 was made in 1967,the model 800VT was made in 1968,and the model 800D was made from 1970-1973.I would say that your rifle was made in 1967-1968.

When was the savage 340b made?

I show in my records that savage made a model 340 and a model 340c.The model 340 was made between the years 1950-1985.The model 340C was made between the years 1952-1960.There was also a model 340V which was made in the late 1960,s.The model 340S was made between 1952-1960.

Who made the model for the prince?

'luis made the model and stoled it form walmart

When was the mossberg 22 model 342ka made?

This model was made from 1960 to 1974

When was the geocentric model made?

The geocentric model was made about a.d. 140, and it was made by Ptolemy hope i helped

When was the marlin model 57 made?

model 57 22 cal was made from 1959-1965. the model 57 mag was made from 1960-69.

What is a computer model?

A computer model is a model of something made on a computer

Who made Revelation model 125?

Made for Western Auto by Mossberg- their model 353.

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