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it is worth 1 million dollars on trade me.

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โˆ™ 2012-03-11 21:34:19
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Q: How Much is Michael Jordan's NBA Hoops card worth card?
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How much is a Michael Jordan all star game hoops worth?

it is worth about thousands

How much is Michael Jordans net worth?

525 Millon Daaaaahhhh

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan US Olympic NBA Hoops basketball card number 579 worth?

how much is a 91-92 Michael Jordan us olympic nba hoops basketball card

How much is Michael jordans 1997 plate No 8377b worth?

apparently the same as mine...what we paid for them.

How much is Michael jordans 1991 MVP card worth?

Derek jeter's first round draft pick card worth

How much is Michael Jordans first cover of sports illustrated worth?

Around 50$

How much are 10 Michael Jordans cards worth?

It depends on a lot of things; year, brand, condition, etc..

How much is Michael jordans rookie card worth?

The fleer one is $15,995.00 for a gem 10!

What is the value of the 1990 Larry Bird NBA Hoops 356 Basketball Card worth?

how much is a 1991 Michael Jeffrey jordan Most valliable player NBA HOOPS card

How much is a 1987-1988 Michael Jordan slam dunk champion card from NBA hoops worth?

74 pesos

How much is a nba hoops Reggie Lewis card worth?


How much is a 1992 US Olympic Games Michael Jordan NBA Hoops card worth?

less than 5 bucks.

How much is Michael Jordans Barcelona ' 92 Basketball card worth?

how much is the michael jordan barcelona commemorative card excellent condition never touched in case 1992 gold on front

How much are the following Michael Jordan cards worth 1992 USA SkyBox 39 through 45 missing 43 1989 Hoops 200 1990 Slam Dunk 6 1992 USA Sky Box 341 1992 Hoops USA 55 1991 Hoops NBA Champions 543?

They are worth about $70.00

How much are NBA hoops cards worth?

they are worth $1,000,000

How much is a lebron James 2003 mvp rookie card worth?

not much, wait Ike 20 years then sell i. chances are he will become someone around Michael jordans rank. not as high as Michael Jordan, but close

How Much is a Jeff martin NBA hoops Rookie card 148 worth?

how much is it worth

How much do filet mignon cost at Michael jordans restaurants?

too much! like $29

How much is Craig Hodges NBA Hoops card worth?

About as much as Yinka Dare's card is worth. Nothing!

How much are fake jordans worth?

No more than payless shoes...

How much is Byron Scott NBA hoops card worth?


How much is a Sam Mitchell NBA hoops card worth?


How much is a Sean Elliot Rookie card worth?

autograph sean elliot rookie nba hoops card worth

How much do hickory smoked baby back ribs cost at Michael jordans resturaunt?


How much do the hickory smoke baby back ribs cost at Michael jordans restaurant?