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There were 60 000 people at the 1924 Olympic Games.

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Q: How Many people were at the 1924 olympic games?
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How many athletes competed in the 1924 winter olympic games?

258 athletes competed in the 1924 Winter Olympics.

How many medals have romania won in rugby?

One bronze medal at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris.

How many Olympic game did Romania participate in?

* Romania participation - Summer Olympic Games: 1900, 1924, 1928,1936, 1952-2012. * Romania participation - Winter Olympic Games: all the editions excepting 1960.

How many athletes competed at the first Winter Olympics in 1924?

258 athletes from 16 nations competed of which 247 were men and 11 were women Link to answer:

How many people participate in the olympic games?

An estimated 10,500 athletes will be competing in the 2012 Olympic Games.

How many times has France hosted the Olympics?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, France has hosted 5 Olympic Games: 1900 Summer Games in Paris, 1924 Summer Games in Paris, 1924 Winter Games in Chamonix, 1968 Winter Games in Grenoble, 1992 Winter Games in Albertville.

How many years passed between the beginning of the modern olympic games and the first olympic winter games?

28. The first modern Olympics was in Athens in 1896 and the first Winter Olympics was in Chamonix (France) in 1924.

How many people are competing in the 2008 Olympic Games?

Approxiamtely 10,500 people are competing in the Olympic Games and an average of about 3.2 billion people watch it on television.

Who many people are in the Olympic games?

i think 500 people

How many Olympic medals did Paavo Nurmi win?

12 (9 gold, 3 silver) at the 1920, 1924, and 1928 Games.

How many people are doing Olympic games?


How many people attend the olympic games?


How many people play rugby in America?

About 60,000. And they are the current Olympic Champions, having won gold in 1924 !

How many Olympics have there been already?

Since 1896 there have been 32 summer olympic games (cancelled in 1916, 1940, and 1944) Since 1924 there have been 21 winter olympic games (cancelled in 1940 and 1944) For a total of 53 olympic games in total so far.

How many countries competed in the 1st Winter Olympics?

The first Winter Games were held in 1924, in Chamonix, France. They were originally called International Winter Sports Week and held in association with the 1924 Summer Olympics, but were in retrospect designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the I Olympic Winter Games. Sixteen nations participated in these Games: fourteen from Europe and two from North America

How many Chinese people are entering the Olympic games?


How many people watch the olympic games?

The world watchs it.

How many people watched the first olympic games?


How many people competed in the 1896 Olympic Games?


How many people were in the first modern Olympic games?


How many times altogether have the olympic game been held in France before the 21st cantury?

Five-Paris summer in 1900 and 1924; winter games in Chamonix 1924, Grenoble in 1968 and Albertville 1992.

How many countries paticipated in the first winter Olympics?

16 different countries participated in the first winter olympic games in Chamonix, France in 1924.

How many people attended to the olympic games 2008?

an astounding 184,589,342 people! Yowza!

How many people competed in the first modern olympic games?

Around 2000 people

How many people went to the first olympic games in London?

10,000 people went