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all you have to do is hit x and hit square if you want to bunt.

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Q: How Do You Swing In PS2 major league Baseball?
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How do you continue a season from the baseball game for PS2 called major league baseball 2K6?

you have to save it first, then when you want to play it again just load it

What is the last ps2 game?

They might not have made the last game many have been released since the question was asked including. Major League Baseball 2K12 PS2 release was March 6 2012 and they may make a Major League Baseball 2K13 for the PS2 FIFA 12 PS2 release was on September 27 2011 and they may make a FIFA 13 for PS2 I do not know when the last PS2 exclusive game was released and don't think it would have been for the USA market

Will Major League Baseball 10 the show be available for PS2?

Yes, the game is available new from amazon for $10.88 on October 19 2011 and the MLB 11 The Show for the PS2 is $26.99

How do you swing on god of war?

you jump towards the swing point and when it glows you press R1 on ps2 to attach and move the analog stick to swing

Will Major League Baseball 09 The Show ever come out on Xbox 360?

No, MLB The Show is PlayStation exclusive, as it is developed internally at SCEA studios. It appears only on PS2, PS3, and PSP

When will Major League Baseball 2K12 be released for the PS3?

The game will be released on March 6, 2012 for the PS3 and it will also be released for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360, & PC

Is there ipl games in ps2?

No the Indian Premier League does not have any PS2 games

When will rugby league 3 ps2 out?

Already out

Where is uefa champions league on pes 09 on ps2?

nowhere! the champions league is unavailable on the ps2- and psp-version. konami embed the license only on PS 3, xb360 and the PC. Actually...yes you can play champions league on ps2, you have to won the master league

When will Major League Baseball 2K12 be released?

The game will be released on March 6, 2012. It will also be available for the PS2 if anyone wonders if new PS2 titles are still being made. PSP Nintendo Wii PS3 Xbox 360 Nintendo DS and PC versions of the game will also be available

How do you check swing in mlb 2k9 on ps2?

i finally figured it out after you swing hold down L1 L2 R1 R2 all at the same time

Is Rugby League 3 on PS2?

no just on wii

How do you start a fight on blitz the league for ps2?

be a boss

What is justice league the game rated for ps2?

It is rated T for the PS2 and PSP and E for the Nintendo DS

How do you get maps of emblems Spider-Man 3 ps2?

you have to swing around building until you hear the sound

Can S4 league be played on PS2?

It's a computer game, no.

How do you drop goal in rugby league ps2?

hold circle and triangle

Next year will there be rl3 on ps2?

NO, but there is Rugby League live which is crap

What was the last game to be released on ps2?

The last game has not yet been released. Although the PS2 is having fewer releases of new games there are still some multiple platform games that are also being released for the PS2. Major League Baseball 2K12 was released on March 6, 2012 but it is not the last PS2 game being released. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 may release a PS2 version in November 2012 and NBA 2K13 may also release a version in October 2012. They both had PS2 releases for the 2012 games in the series. FIFA Soccer 12 was released for the PS2 and FIFA Soccer 13 may also release for the PS2 in September 2012

Can you play on the champions league on ps2 pro evolution soccer 2009 without completing the master league?

of course

Why isn't rugby league 3 on PS2?

Dont know, Just on WII

What league is Real Madrid in fifa 11 for PS2?

La Liga BBVA

How do you qualify for the efa tournament in fifa 09 ps2?

If you're playing in the English Premier League, finish 5th in the league.

Can a PS1 controller work on justice league heroes for ps2?

A Playstation controller will never work as good as a PS2 controller and you need to just buy a PS2 used controller for a few bucks

What is the cheat to swing a lamborghini on san andrias ps2?

No real Lambo's in that game but if iots on PC you can modify the game and add Lamborghini's to it.