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You just have to keep stretching. Look up stretching videos on YouTube, I did and it helped a ton!

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Q: How Can You Get Your Splits Down At least 4 or more inches iam 4 inches off the ground i would stretch and after streaching i usually go to the wall lay my back on the floor open my legs till it hurts?
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How far to ground for the splits?

As a cheerleader there is low limit to how far you go down. If u stretch and practice it everyday then u will be on your way to your splits.

How do you do the splits when you're 3 inches away from ground?

you have to stretch your groin muscles and keep practising each night.

How do you quickly learn the splits?

take a mat and just stretch in a split position everyday for 2 min. You'll get your splits on the ground in about a week or two.

What is it called when the ground splits in two?

When the ground splits in two, it is called a fissure or a fault. This phenomenon is typically associated with tectonic plate movements and can result in earthquakes.

How do you do a butterfly?

If you mean the stretch you: sit down on the ground and pull your feet up to your crotch and stretch:)

How can you learn to do a split in one week?

You have to stretch daily and hold your stretches long enough to improve you. It also depends where you are on your splits. If you are an inch from the ground then u can learn it in a week. If u are 10 inches from the ground it might take a little longer then 1 week. OR; You can open you're legs into a second position and get up against the wall. Then just try to get closer and closer to the wall and hopefully that can stretch out your legs enough to do the split. But like that comment above, just keep on stretching and find out how close you are to the ground (:

How many inches off the ground is considered close enough to the splits?


How do you know if your super flexible?

try doing splits. if you get down to the ground you are really flexible.

What is the method of dispersal of a balsam plant?

It dries up and splits forcefully. The seeds will then drop out to the ground.

How can you do a cartwheel?

1. stand up and stretch, sorta like patrickstar 2. Put one hand down then the other 3. Kick your feet off the ground and stretch your legs 4. Land on the ground one foot after another 5. Stretch up ^_^

What is is a large flat stretch of high ground called?


What stretches do you need to do for a split?

Great stretches to do are the runners stretch and straddle. In runners stretch work everyday until you can put your elbows on the ground and see a clean line down your body. In straddle stretch to both side but do not round your back. Keep it straight so eventually you can put your chest flat you your leg. Another great stretch to do it get in a split position (right or left leg in front) and bend your front leg so that your foot is under you. Try and Bend your back leg up and grab it with your opposite hand and stretch it. Also, when practicing your split if you are not all of the way down keep your knees completely straight so you can stretch out the muscles and tendons around your groin. Happy Stretching!