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Drawing a realistic face is not hard if you have proper knowledge. Now I will explore many methods for drawing a realistic face. Which i have learned from the Pencil Perceptions, So without wasting time let's start step by step.

Draw a Circle:

Create a circle by drawing two crossing lines that meet in the middle. The top of the head is represented by the circle. then pinpoint the positions of the facial features using the crossing lines.

Draw a Square in Circle:

Next, draw a square with a circle at each corner. The edges of the face will eventually be represented by this square. Eventually, the top hairline will merge with the bottom one. The centre line will change into the brow line, and the bottom line will become the nose line.

Draw the Chin:

Now calculate the distance between the bottom line and the centre line. You can do this by using your pencil. Mark the location of the bottom of the chin using this measurement from the square's bottom line. Then, draw the chin's margins from either side of the square so that they meet at the point you've marked.

Draw the Eyes:

We can sketch our eyes now that we are aware of where they are on the face. There is one more measurement to be aware of. The size of the eyes should also be taken into account. Typically, the head's width from ear to ear is equal to the length of five "eyes." This means that in order to accurately depict the eyes' proportions, we must draw them to roughly correspond to this measurement.

Draw the Nose:

Next, we'll draw the nose as we continue to create the face. The bottom line of the square we drew in step two is where the bottom of the nose is located. Although it varies from person to person, the nose's breadth is typically equal to that of the eyes' inner corners. To determine the breadth of the nose, it could be beneficial to draw two thin lines down from the inner corners of the eyes.

Draw the Mouth:

The mouth is located just above midway between the chin and the base of the nose. Of course, each person will have a different measurement. To indicate where the mouth should be, a line can be drawn.

The width of the mouth can be estimated using the eyes. Typically, the inside edges of the pupils and the corners of the mouth line up. Light lines from the eyes to the "mouth line" of the nose may be useful.

Draw the Ears:

We'll draw our ears after that. Once more, we can pinpoint the location of the ears using the locations of the facial features. In most cases, the top of the ear will be in line with the brow, and the bottom with the nose. Remember that the ears protrude slightly upward from the head. As a result, the ears will protrude from the head close to the eye line.

I hope this answer will be helpful for you. If you also want to draw or become an expert in drawing then i highly recommend Pencil Perceptions, They provide best online drawing classes. Thank you and good luck.

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Q: How do you draw realistic faces step by step?
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