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A pentagon.

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Q: Home plate on a baseball field is most like a?
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What are three things that look like a pentagon?

A home plate on a baseball field

What are the demensions of a baseball field?

The baseball field in a square turned 90o to look like a diamond. The demensions are 90 feet from base to base, including home plate. The pitching plate is 60 feet, 6 inches from the front of home plate. The distances from home plate to 2nd base and from 3rd base to 1st base is 127 feet, 3 and 3/8 inches.

Is a baseball diamond really a diamond?

The baseball term diamond is in reference to the object you would see if you drew a line from home plate to first base, first base to second base, second base to third base, and third base to home plate. Each of these lines would be the same length (90 feet), therefore, the object would look like a square if you were sitting down the left field or right field lines. But if you were sitting in center field or behind home plate, the object would look like a diamond. A diamond is really a square turned on it's side.

How do you score softball?

By running around the bases and touching Home plate just like baseball

Is baseball home plate a pentagon?

Yes, even though home plate is not shaped like an equal-sided pentagon, it is still a pentagon because it has five sides, just like a square is a rectangle.

What is the layout of a softball field?

Softball Field LayoutA softball field is the same as a baseball field. They're practically the same sport. They have a few minor differences like how they pitch and how big the ball is, but they're almost the same. The fields are different because unlike a baseball field, a softball field has no grass in the infield. the softball field mound will be closer than a baseball field mound.the softball field is in a diamond shape with 3bases and a home plate at the corner inside the diamond is all sand and behind the bases there is also some sand after the sand there is an outfield which is all grass.there is also 2 fowl line that go from the left and right side corners of the home plate to the fence in the outfield (usually).-k1956

What geometric shape was FtSumter?

It is a pentagon, but not a regular pentagon- it is shaped like home plate for baseball or softfball.

What is a real life object shaped like a pentagon?

The Pentagon in Washington is obviously shaped like a pentagon. Black shapes on soccer balls, some road signs and the home plate on a baseball field are all pentagonal shaped objects.

How far is the pitching rubber from home plate in highschool baseball?

60 feet 6 inches, just like the MLB.

What does a home plate look like?


What is the definition of plate boundary?

A plate boundary is like the boundary of a soccer or football field. The edge of a lithospheric plate where it meets another lithospheric plate.

What does the idiom 'out in left field' mean?

Out of left field, from left field, that came from left field are idioms based on a baseball analogy. It refers to an unexpected turn of events or a response to an unexpected action from someone. An example would be if during a conversation over what you would like to eat at a restaurant the other person asks about currency devaluation in China. Your response could be,Well that came out of left field. It was off topic and unexpected. Most of the action in baseball starts at home plate, not left field. You can use right field as well.

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