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I don't think high school atheletes are too young to handle that. Professional sport is not like recreation cause or business word. It is neither as sophiscated as business world nor as complicated as recreation world. The atheletes don't have to pretend themselves everyday and try to flatter other people. Most of the time they are trainging in auditaurium. As we all know, scores speak louder than any behavior.

Besides, high shcool athletes are at their most cheritable age for being as a professional sportsman. once the high school atheltes become professional team members, they can get better training and are more likely to dig out their sports potential. Those people are young and pure so that they would not be disturbed by

other things. Given more encourgement, they would concentrate on competitve sports match rather than lose confidentce.

Anyway, I think high school is the most appropriate time for atheletes to become professional members.

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Q: High school athletes are too young to handle the celebrity and competitive professional sport?
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