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My son is a 7th-grade football player in Texas and weighs 145 pounds. He is 5'1 and plays left tackle. My son is on the shorter end of his team, my guess is that the average height is around 5,3 and weight around 140 lbs. Hope this helps!

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Well im Just starting grade 8 and im 5,9 140 pounds but im also the biggest in my grade. id say around 5,6 130 pounds

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āˆ™ 2y ago
Iā€™m 5,7 or 5,8 and 270 and I play Offensive lineman Guard
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Evan Zollo

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āˆ™ 2y ago
im in 7th, im 5`7 125

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Q: Height and weight of a middle school football player?
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