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they are tougher built so they can guard the quarterback and running backs they also have a lower point of gravity which can help them push the opposing line away

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Q: Heavier football players tend to play on the front line why?
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What does ol mean in football?

Offensive Line, the five players in front of the quarterback.

What is an offensive line in football?

The line in front of the quarter back

In football what is the name the defensive line of players?

The back 4

Which players are legally able to block the ball?

Only front line players.

What is that thing called that football players run at and drag across the field when they're practicing?

The equipment football players drag across the field when they are training is called football sleds. They use this as a way to strengthen their defensive line.

How many players are there in patintero?

4 players are here one human from front line,one for rear one for vertical lines one for center line.

How many players does a hockey team consist of?

A field hockey team consists of 10 players 3 defense or backs, 3 midfielders, 3 front line, and 1 striker that is right between the front line and the midfield

What is the current line-up of the Bristol Football Team?

There are two major football teams in Bristol, Bristol City and Bristol Rovers. The line-ups depend entirely on which players the manager chooses to play. The players could vary due to injuries or current form.

What is the line called that does not let the back players come to the front net area and spike the ball?

3 Meter line.

What is a backfield?

A backfield is the area of play in football behind the offensive or defensive line, or the players positioned in this area.

How many players on a in side soccer field?

Association football, soccer, there are 11 players a side. Rugby football; rugby union has 15 a side, rugby league has 13. Australian football, Aussie Rules, has 18 a side. Gaelic football has 15 a side. American football has 11 a side. Canadian football has 12 a side. Winchester football has either 6, 10, or 15 a side.

How many players do you have to have on the line on offense and defense in football line on offense and defense?

There has to be 11 players on offense and Defence for every play. There has to be at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage prior to the snap of the ball. This applies to both offense and defence