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He is a legend in the NHL even better than Wayne Gretzky

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Q: He is a legend in the NHL even better than Wayne Gretzky.?
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Who is better Alex Ovechkin or Wayne gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky- how could you even ask that question? cause even Wayne gretzky admitted that ovechkin has the potential to be better than him self but he will never actually be as good as gretzky

Did Wayne Gretzky ever get a diploma?

No he has yet to even get his GED

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Is sydney Crosby the best NHL ice-hockey player after Wayne Gretzky?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Going on statistics alone, Crosby is no where near Gretzky and is not even the best player from his rookie year. Most people believe that as of right now Lemeuix, Messier, Sakic, or Francis are the best players since Gretzky

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What were Wayne Gretzky difficulties?

He was a little small for his age. Dad was always pushing him to become great hockey player, and it helped. His dad is his greatest hero. Even as a pro, Gretzky was not considered a very graceful skater. But he got the job done because of his extraordinary talent, his passion, and his "extra sense" to know where his teammates were.

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What is the value of an autographed Wayne Gretzky rookie card and the value of his counterfeit card of the same make signed by the great one?

Rookie card: 1979 Topps Wayne Gretzky Rookie (#18) PSA Graded MINT 9 is valued at a minimum of $425 unsigned. Signed, it speculatively would add no more than an additional $250 at current market prices. Based upon the frequency of items signed by Gretzky and the fact he is still alive, only means the value will not rise for some time, even on a card in perfect condition.

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Why did Gretzky wear 99?

Gretzky first wore 99 while playing for the Soo Greyhounds in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario When Muzz MacPherson became coach of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of Canada's Ontario Hockey Assn., there wasn't even a ripple outside of Ontario. Yet with one simple suggestion, MacPherson carved his niche in hockey history. Only 16 when he joined the Greyhounds for the 1977-78 season, Gretzky wanted to wear the number of his hero, Gordie Howe, but No. 9 was taken. He tried Nos. 19 and 14 but wasn't happy. MacPherson, as described in the book "Gretzky" by Walter Gretzky and Jim Taylor, had a suggestion for the teenager: "If you can't have one 9, how about two? Wear 99." Marked man: "Guys see that and they'll be running at me," Gretzky told MacPherson when the coach suggested the unorthodox 99. "Wayne," MacPherson replied, "they are going to be running at you anyway."

What would the value be of an autographed O-Pee-Chee 1978-79 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card?

You should never ever get a rookie card autographed. It is a no no in the hobby. By doing so you have made the card worth the autograph only. In other words even though the card may book at $900 in the price guide, this autographed Gretzky rookie is only worth the value of the autograph. So you are looking at a value of somewhere between $50-$100.