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Yes. In 2005, Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals won the Cy Young Award and Albert Pujols won the National League MVP Award. Also in 2006 Justin Morneau won the AL MVP and Johan Santana won the AL Cy Young for the Minnesta Twins. Neither of these teams would win the world series. ----

In 1956, Don Newcombe was MVP and Cy Young Award winner for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Same for Sandy Koufax for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1963, Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1968, Vida Blue of the Oakland Athletics in 1971, Denny McLain of the Detroit Tigers in 1968, Rollie Fingers of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1981, Willie Hernandez of the Detroit Tigers in 1984, Roger Clements of the Boston Red Sox in 1986, Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland Athletics in 1992.

There are probably others that have won both the MVP and Cy Young in the same season and I am sure there have been many times when the same team had the MVP and Cy Young winner.

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Q: Have there ever been two players from the same team to win the Cy Young award and the MVP?
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