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Q: Have there ever been any teams in NCAA mens basketball to enter the tournament with a losing record?
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How much does a street basketball player earn?

Street basketball players make whatever the tournament amount is when they enter. Typically, they don't make a lot of money per tournament, only around a couple hundreds to a couple thousands.

Did Vermont enter in the NCAA 2012 basketball tournament?

Yes. Vermont was a #16 seed. They were defeated in the first round by North Carolina.

When did basketball enter the Olympics?

First basketball competition was played in the demonstration Olympics in 1904. However, this competition was entirely U.S. teams. The first international Olympics basketball tournament was held in 1936 in Berlin, Germany.

If you were to enter the PGA pre qualifier as an amateur and make to the weekend of the regular tournament do you get compensation?

If you enter the tournament as an Amateur than you will not collect any prize money if you make the cut. You will need to enter the tournament as a professional if you want to get paid.

Is figure skating a tournament?

once you have played in a team and finished a season then the tournament comes along, you do not have a tournament right when you enter the season.

How can you enter a Nerf tournament?

From ages 10-17

What is the fifth pain and panic tournament in kingdom hearts 2?

The fifth tournament is called The Paradox Battles: Pain and Panic Tournament. You have to be at least level 60 to enter this tournament.

Why does the Ivy League not have a basketball conference championship tournament?

The IVY league teams cant enter post season play. This is in order to uphold their academic standards. An Exception is made for any team that makes the NCAA BB tournament. There might be other exceptions made for other sports teams that qualify for post season NCAA tournament play.

In virtua tennis 3 when can you enter the king of kings tournament?

no ssuch thing. there is a king of players tournament. did u mean that

Can you enter Mexico with a criminal record from ny?

Can you enter Mexico with a criminal record from New York

Why can't Harry enter the Triwizard Tournament?

Because he is too young.

How do you enter tournament in killzone 2?

I think u have 2 be in a clan.

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