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Q: Have the heat ever swept a team in the playoff?
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Has any basketball team won all playoff games in a season?

no team has ever won all playoff their playoff games in one season

What two team did the Miami Heat sweep in the 2005 playoffs?

The Miami Heat swept the Washington Wizards and the New Jersey Nets.

Did a nba team ever beat the team that swept them in the regular season in the playoffs?

yes los angeles and phiphidalphia 76ers

Which baseball team has the most baseball playoff victories?

the team with the most playoff victory is the new york Yankees

What team did the Broncos defeat for their first ever playoff victory?

That was the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 24, 1977 by the score of 34-21.

Was there ever an NHL team who won a playoff series without scoring a power play goal?

Boston against habs 2011

No team has won more playoff games in NFL history than the Dallas Cowboys How many playoff wins do the Cowboys have?

the Cowboys' all-time playoff record is 33-25.

Has any major league baseball team ever not been swept in the regular season?

Not sure, but can tell you that even the 2001 116 win Seattle Mariners team was swept by Oakland in Sept. (only sweep). 2011 Phillies can still do it, as they just avoided sweep by Astros.

How many consecutive playoff games have the Minnesota Twins MLB team lost?

Through the 2010 season, 12. The Twins were swept in the 2010 ALDS by the Yankees, 2009 ALDS by the Yankees, 2006 ALDS by the Athletics, and lost the final three games of the 2004 ALDS to the Yankees after winning Game 1.

What NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game?

which NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game

Are the blue jays a playoff team?

not really

Did Michael Jordan ever lose a playoff series after he won his first championship?

Yes, Michael Jordan did win the NBA playoff game and Playoff series when he scored the most playoff points in NBA history.