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No, they have not. They have been in Pittsburgh since 1933.

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Q: Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever moved to a different city?
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How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers moved from city to city?

The Steelers have always played in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1933.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers move to a different city?

No, they have not. The Steelers have been in Pittsburgh since they were established in 1933.

What city were the Pittsburgh Steelers in when they joined the NFL?

The Steelers have always been in Pittsburgh

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers home city and state?

The Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What city are the Pittsburgh Steelers from?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

What city do the Pittsburgh Steelers play their home games?

The Steelers play their home games in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is the meaning of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It represents the steel workers in the city of Pittsburgh in the steel mills there.

Is Pittsburgh the steel city?

Yes it is, that's why their football team is called the Pittsburgh Steelers

What state do the Pittsburgh Steelers belong to?

The City of Pittsburgh is located in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are from what state?

Well. I don't know what you mean by that. So most people couldn't help; the Pittsburgh Steeler's Players werent all born in Pittsburgh.

In which city would you find The Steelers Penguins and Pirates?


Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have a nickname?

Steel City, Blitzburgh, Sixburgh, etc.