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No, they have not. The Steelers were always an AFC based team, starting from 1933 when they were known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Q: Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever been in the NFC?
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Which NFL team has the most championship rings including conference championships and super bowls?

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, that would be the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers with 13 each. The Cowboys have won 8 NFC championships and 5 Super Bowls and the Steelers have won 7 AFC championships and 6 Super Bowls. --------------------------------------------------- If you are talking about rings, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are indeed tied, but the record is 8 rings. Pittsburgh: six Super Bowl rings, 2 AFC rings. Dallas: five Super Bowl rings, 3 NFC rings. 13 would be the answer if you were talking about just titles, not the rings themselves.

How many Super Bowls has Chuck Foreman been in?

Foreman has appeared in 3 Super Bowls with the Minnesota Vikings. Super XIII against the Miami Dolphins, Super Bowl IX against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Super Bowl XI agaiinst the Oakland Raiders. Although they didn't win any of them, Foreman wears his NFC Championship rings with pride.

Who were the AFC NFL charter teams?

The NFL began an NFC and AFC in the 1970 season. The three NFL teams that 'moved' to the AFC were the Baltimore Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns. AFC East: Baltimore Colts Miami Dolphins New York Jets Buffalo Bills Boston Patriots AFC Central: Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Oilers AFC West: Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos

Who won the NFL and AFL championship games today?

NFC - The Packers beat the Bears 21-14 and in the AFC - The Steelers beat the Jets 24 to 19 .

How do they decide which teams are NFC or AFC?

When the NFL & AFL merged for the 1970 season, the AFL teams were all placed in the AFC, and the NFL teams were placed in the NFC, with the exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore (now Indy) Colts, and Cleveland Browns (now Baltimore Ravens), who were moved to the AFC to even things out. I'm not sure how decisions are made as to which conference new expansion teams are placed in. i belive the league just comes up with it I know it has nothing to do with location.

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How many NFC Championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers been in?

You have to be in the NFC to play in the NFC championship game. The Steelers are in the AFC.

When were the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFC?


Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC or the NFC?


How many AFC and NFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Steelers won eight AFC championship games in their history. They have never played in the NFC.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an NFC or AFC team?

The Steelers play in the AFC (American Football Conference). They are part of the AFC North Division.

Most Super Bowls won NFC or AFC?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 in the AFC. The San Francisco 49'ers have won 5 in the NFC.

Who are the Seattle Seahawks archrival?

It would be either the Pittsburgh Steelers or perhaps the 49ers, Rams, or Cardinals (NFC West)

Did the NFC win the Super Bowl if so what was score?

The Green Bay Packers of the NFC won the game 31-25 over the AFC representative, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Can the Oakland Raiders play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Super Bowl game?

No. The Raiders and Steelers are in the same conference. (AFC). In the Super Bowl it's the AFC vs. the NFC.

What team is AFC for Super Bowl 2011?

the AFC team for superbowl 2011 is green bay packers. NFC is Pittsburgh steelers

Has a sixth seed ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) in 2005 and Green Bay Packers (NFC) in 2010. Both were second wild-card teams (6th seed).

What was the last 4 teams in the 2008 NFL playoffs?

2008-2009 Season, Baltimore Ravens (AFC)Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)Arizona Cardinals (NFC)Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)The Steelers won against the Ravens and the Cardinals won against the Eagles.

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