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No, they have not. The Steelers were always an AFC based team, starting from 1933 when they were known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Q: Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever been in the NFC?
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How many NFC Championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers been in?

You have to be in the NFC to play in the NFC championship game. The Steelers are in the AFC.

When were the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFC?


Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC or the NFC?


How many AFC and NFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Steelers won eight AFC championship games in their history. They have never played in the NFC.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an NFC or AFC team?

The Steelers play in the AFC (American Football Conference). They are part of the AFC North Division.

Did the NFC win the Super Bowl if so what was score?

The Green Bay Packers of the NFC won the game 31-25 over the AFC representative, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who are the Seattle Seahawks archrival?

It would be either the Pittsburgh Steelers or perhaps the 49ers, Rams, or Cardinals (NFC West)

Can the Oakland Raiders play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Super Bowl game?

No. The Raiders and Steelers are in the same conference. (AFC). In the Super Bowl it's the AFC vs. the NFC.

Most Super Bowls won NFC or AFC?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 in the AFC. The San Francisco 49'ers have won 5 in the NFC.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an AFC or NFC team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an AFC team, but originally they were an NFLteam until they were kicked out in 1969 (and subsequently are the oldest AFC team). They have since shown that being kicked out of the NFC was not exactly the worst thing in the world, having reached 15 AFC Championships and being the winningest team in the Super Bowl era. Karma.

Has Green Bay ever played Dallas for the NFC Championship?

Yes. On January 14, 1996, the Dallas Cowboys outlasted the Green Bay Packers, 38-27, in an NFC Championship Game shootout at Texas Stadium. The Cowboys advanced to Super Bowl XXX against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What team is AFC for Super Bowl 2011?

the AFC team for superbowl 2011 is green bay packers. NFC is Pittsburgh steelers

Has a sixth seed ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) in 2005 and Green Bay Packers (NFC) in 2010. Both were second wild-card teams (6th seed).

Can the Minnesota Vikings play in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes, they can. The Super Bowl pits the NFC winner vs. the AFC winner, and the Vikings are in the NFC, while the Steelers are in the AFC. In fact, these two teams played against each other in Super Bowl IX.

What teams are going to be in this years Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers (from the AFC) will play the Green Bay Packers (from the NFC) in Super Bowl XLV.

When will the Dallas Cowboys play the Pittsburgh Steelers again?

In 2010, the two teams will not meet in the regular season. The last time they met was in 2008, when the Steelers faced the NFC East and the Cowboys faced the AFC North.

What color did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLIII white or black?

The NFC was the home conference in 2009. Arizona had the choice of what color to wear. Pittsburgh ended up wearing their white jerseys.

What was the last 4 teams in the 2008 NFL playoffs?

2008-2009 Season, Baltimore Ravens (AFC)Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)Arizona Cardinals (NFC)Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)The Steelers won against the Ravens and the Cardinals won against the Eagles.

Who was the Seahawks head coach on opening day of the 2005 NFL season?

The Seahawks won the NFC championship in 2005 but lost the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers go to the Super Bowl with the Miami Dolphins?

No. That cannot happen due to the fact that the Steelers and Dolphins both play in the same conference. They are both AFC teams and in the Super Bowl the AFC must play the NFC.

What actors and actresses appeared in 2008 NFL Pro Bowl - 2008?

The cast of 2008 NFL Pro Bowl - 2008 includes: Alan Faneca as Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Guard Ken Hamlin as Himself - NFC Safety Peyton Manning as Himself - AFC Starting Quarterback Adrian Peterson as Himself - NFC Running Back Troy Polamalu as Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Ben Roethlisberger as Himself - AFC Quarterback

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium in 2011?

No. The Cowboys and the other teams in the NFC East will play the teams of the AFC East in 2011. The Cowboys and the Steelers are likely to play at Cowboys Stadium during the 2012 season.

Can the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl?

No, they both play in the same conference. The AFC winner goes on to face the NFC winner in the Super Bowl.

Why were the Pittsburgh Steelers a wild card team in 2011?

Although they had the same 12-and-4 record in 2011 as their NFC North rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers entered the playoffs as a wild card because they lost to the Ravens twice in the regular season.

How do they determine what team is AFC and what team is NFC?

In 1970 the AFL and NFL merged. Two conferences were created: The AFC and the NFC. All of the old AFL teams became members of the AFC. The old NFL teams became members of the NFC. Three teams from the old NFL were moved to the AFC: The Baltimore Colts, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers.