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The Green Bay Packers have appeared in 5 Super bowls. They were Super Bowl 1,2, 31, 32 and 45.

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Q: Have the Green Bays Packers ever been to the Super Bowl?
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What are the Super Bowl packers colors?

There is no such thing as Super Bowl Packers. If you mean the the Green Bay Packers, then their colors are green and yellow

When did the green packers last win the super bowl?

The Packers won Super Bowl XXXI in 1996.

How many times has Green Bay Packers be to the super bowl?

the green bay packers been to the super bowl none of your buisnees times

How many super bowl rings does Green Bay Packers have?

The Green Bay Packers have 4 Super Bowl rings (Super Bowls I, II, XXXI, XLV)

When was the first time the Packers won the super bowl?

The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl 1 in 1967.

What team won Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II?

The Green Bay Packers.

What team did the packers defeat in super bowl xxxi?

The Green Bay Packers defeated the pittsburg steelers. This happennned in the 2011 super bowl. The Green Bay Packers were not undefeated that year.

When is the last time the Green Bay Packers went to the Super Bowl?

1998, in Super Bowl XXXII. The Green Bay Packers lost to the Denver Broncos.

Who have the steeelers played in the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers - The Packers won

Did the packers get into the Super Bowl?

Yes, the Green Bay Packers made got into Super Bowl XLV and will play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What color will the packers wear in 2011 super bowl?

The Packers wore their green jerseys with the yellow pants in Super Bowl XLV.

Did the Packers win the Super Bowl?

If you are referring to the Super Bowl on February 6th, 2011, then yes, the Green Bay Packers did win.

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