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The Green Bay Packers have always had the same name - ever since Curly Lambeau founded the team (about 80 years ago, almost).

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Q: Have the Green Bay Packers always had the same name?
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Was the Green Bay Packers always had the same name?


Does UGA pay Green Bay Packers for the G logo?

Yes! Georgia Tech actually has the same font of the G on both the Green bay Packers logo and their own. The answer is really no, Georgia tech does not. It is the University of Georgia that uses the same logo as the Green Bay Packers.

When did the Green Bay Packers play two teams from the same city in the regular season?

The Packers play their divisional opponents twice every year.

What are the Green Bay Packers were called?

If this question can be answered, the Packers were orignally called the Indians, for part of the 1919 season after the Indian Meat Packing Company in Green Bay that put up the money for equipment and uniforms. Later in the same season Lambeau (an employee of the meat packing company) called his team the Packers. It has been the Packers ever since.

What conference do the Green Bay Packers play in?

The NFC North The Packers are part of the NFC North Division in the NFC Conference. They are in the same division as the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, and Chicago Bears.

What year were Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers in the same division?

Yes. Between 1977-2001 the Bucs played in the NFL Central division with the Vikings, Lions, Bears, and Packers.

What is the motto of the Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers are known for their cheer Go Pack Go! You will hear this chanted often at home games and nearby away games (such as Chicago and St. Louis)

Who is the oldest professional football team to have played in the same location in the United States?

Green Bay Packers, founded in 1919 and in the NFL since 1921.

Have the Green Bay Packers played the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs?

No they're not in the same division.The NFL Playoffs consists of three rounds (Wild Card, Division and Conference). The Packers did beat the Steelers once in the postseason (Super Bowl XLV).

What was Green Bay Packers league standings for the last 10 years I need this for school to make a chart?

im doing the same chart, someone hook a brotha up

This NFL Quarterback returns to play Sunday at the same place he won the Super Bowl in 1997?

Brett Favre won the Superbowl with the Green Bay Packers in 1997 which took place in New Orleans. Superbowl XXXI - Jan 26, 1997, Green Bay Packers 35, New England Patriots 21, Location New Orleans, LA.

How many times cowboys beat packers in Super Bowl?

Since the Super Bowl era began in the late 1960s, both the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers have been in the same league or conference. As a result, only can reach the Super Bowl in any given year