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The carling nations cup. A tournament including Ireland , sc

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Q: Have republic of Ireland ever won a football tournament?
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Will Ireland ever have 32 counties?

Technically speaking it does. Ireland can refer to the island of Ireland, which has 32 counties or the country known as Éire or the Republic of Ireland, which has 26 counties. As to whether the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will ever be re-united, nobody can be sure. That will depend on the people of Ireland, in particular the people of Northern Ireland.

Did ireand ever win the world cup?

Neither the Republic of Ireland nor Northern Ireland have ever won the World Cup. The best performance was by the Republic of Ireland in 1990 when they reached the quarter-finals, where they were beaten by Italy (the hosts).

Did Portugal ever beaten Ireland in football?


What was the first football tournament that Pele played in?

Pele played his first international football tournament in the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17. At the time he was the youngest player to ever play in the World Cup.

Is there American football in Ireland for kids?

Children in Ireland would play soccer, rugby and the national sport of Gaelic Football. They also play other sports. American Football would not be popular in Ireland and very few children would ever play it.

What name is given to the UK and the Republic of Ireland?

Collectively they are referred to as the British Isles by geographers etc but the term is rarely, if ever, used in Ireland.

Was there ever Food Rationing in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland during World War 2 and after?

There was rationing in both jurisdictions. Rationing in the Republic was less severe however and ended before rationing in the North ended.

Who won The Player of the Tournament at the 2010 South Africa football World Cup?

Portugal they have the best player ever

Were dinosaur bones ever found in Ireland?

Well there were some found in Northern Ireland, But Dont think there have been any discoveries in the republic yet

Did the us ever host the world cup?

yes in 1994, also held olympic football tournament in 1984.

Did Ireland ever have a black president?

Ireland has never had a president - since it's always been ruled by a monarchy. The Republic of Ireland has never had a black president, the current president (2011) is Mary McAleese.

Who scored the most soccer goals for Ireland ever?

Robbie Keane currently has scored the most goals for the Republic of Ireland ever; his tally currently sits at 43, more than any other Irish player. For Northern Ireland, it is David Healy who has scored 35.

Did Louth ever win the All Ireland football final?

Louth have 3 All-Ireland Senior Football titles:191019121957

How many times has Longford won the All Ireland?

Longford have never won the All-Ireland Senior Football final. Their best was reaching the All-Ireland semi-final in 1968, where they were beaten by Kerry. It was the only year they have ever won the Leinster Senior Football championship. They have never won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling title either.

Is the Pope welcomed in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland anymore?

A Pope has only once ever visited Ireland, in 1979. That was Pope John Paul II and he was made very welcome. Should any future visit by a Pope to Ireland happen, he would also be made welcome.

In 1952 Republic of Ireland won their first International soccer match Who did they beat?

The Republic of Ireland won international soccer matches long before 1952, but won none in 1952, their best result being a 1 - 1 draw with France. In their first ever match, on the 28th of May 1924 they beat Bulgaria 1 - 0. It was the first win of a 26 county Ireland, that we would know as the Republic of Ireland. The name Republic of Ireland came into being in 1949, though even now it still isn't the official name of the country, and the international soccer team beat Portugal 1 - 0 on the 22 May 1949.

Have Wales ever hosted a professional tournament?

Yes they have hed a tournament.

What was the lowest seeded team to ever win the tournament?

8 seed is the highest to ever win the tournament with villanova in 1985

When did Dublin become a capital?

Ireland's status has changed regularly during its period as a British colony. Dublin was first identified as being a capital city in 1171 and has been a capital ever since then. As Ireland has changed and become different things, Dublin remained the capital. The Republic of Ireland came into being under the 1948 Irish constitution, which came into being on the 18th of April 1949, so it can be said that from then it has been the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

Will England ever become an official country again?

Yes it will, hopefully. Northern Ireland deserves to be unified with the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland and Wales totally deserve to be independent. Therefore, England should be an official, independent nation.

Did Steven Segal ever win a tournament?


Has there ever been a 32 county flag for Ireland?

The current flag effectively represents all of Ireland, in that the symbolism is the peace between the two traditions of Ireland. The white appears between the green and orange. The green and orange represent the nationalist and unionist traditions. It is the official flag of the Republic of Ireland however, which is just 26 of the 32 counties.

What is Kansas's state sport?

I don't believe our legislature has ever designated an official state sport, but Kansas University is usually a contender in the NCAA basketball tournament and is fairly good in football. Kansas State is better in football, and usually not far behind in basketball. Wichita State is often in the national collegiate bowling tournament and a contender for their conference basketball championship. Fort Hays usually fields a decent team in Division 4 basketball and has won the national title in football. Hutchinson Community College hosts the annual NJCAA basketball tournament and is often one of the competitors in it.

Do Americans need a visa to go to the republic of Ireland?

Yes a visa is required to come to Ireland. You can obtain a tourist visa or a visa for working. If you are caught working in Ireland with only a tourist visa you cannot return to the country for a few months, if you repeat the offence you get banned from entry intro the country ever again.

Has there ever been a war in Ireland?

The most recent conflict in Ireland was the Irish Troubles which lasted from 1969 to 1998. The fighting was mostly insurgent action, mainly in Northern Ireland; but in some cases in the Irish Republic, England and other countries as well. Sporadic violence still continues...