Have ipswich ever beaten man united?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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I hate Manchester United especially Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferninand and Nani and Valencia and Vidic HATE MAN UNITED

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Q: Have ipswich ever beaten man united?
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Has arsenal beaten man united more than man united have beat arsenal?


How many times has chelsea beaten man united?


How many times has Manchester united beaten man city?

Manchester United have beaten Manchester City 69 times in all competitions.

How Many times have Man United Beaten Chelsea?

25 times

How many times has man united beaten arsenal?

45 times

Are man you the best?

MAN U ROCK are the best team ever some people think Liverpool are but if they have seen the league man u are always coming on top! yeah Liverpool have sometimes beaten man u but never thrashed man u the highest they have ever beaten man u is 4-1 but man u have beaten Liverpool 6-0 before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a girl x

How many times has Liverpool FC beaten Manchester United?

Liverpool has beaten Man Utd 60 times in 175 meets out of which Man Utd won 70 and 45 were drawn.

Who is voted man united best player ever?

Cristiano Ronaldo was the best voted man united player ever.

Who did man utd beat 9-0?


Has man you won a team 9-0?

Manchester united won 9-0 against Ipswich on 4 March 1995 at old trafford

Who did man utd win 9 0?

Ipswich, in 1995

When has Arsenal beaten Manchester United?

in 2010-2011 premier league 4th last man utd game