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no, arsenal have never

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Q: Have arsenal ever been placed in a lower division?
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Has Arsenal Football Club ever been relegated to a lower division?

Arsenal FC have never been relegated from the Premier League but were relegated to the then Fourth Division (modern League Two) in 1913.

How many year arsenal fc are in top flight?

2009-10 is the 91st season Arsenal has been in the top division (Division 1 & Premier League) since inception to the football league in 1893-94. They have been in the top division since 1919-20, and there was a period during 2nd world war where the league play was suspended. Cheers Razcle

Has Arsenal Fc ever been relegated since their promotion to division 1 in English premiership?

No. I think I am right in saying that Arsenal are the only premiership club that has always been in the top division since WW2. Arsenal are a very consistent side. Arsene Wenger has been a very good manager for them over a long period of time now....

What premier league club has never been relegated from top division?

The club is Arsenal. No it's not, arsenal were relegated in 1920's, it's actually Wigan athletic

Which premier league clubs has never been relegated from both the division one and premier league?

Newcastle United. this answer is wrong it is arsenal football club.....there are the only team in England which has not been relagated This is incorrect Arsenal are the only club not to be relegated since 1920 they iwere relegated from the Division One in 1913 and after finishing 5th in 1919 were somehow promoted to Division One. Somehow? Sounds a little jealous. Just to add the year Arsenal were promoted (ie last time they were in any division below the premier/first division they replaced a certain Tottenham who were relegated and have never got over it lol

What was the score of the first Arsenal match at Highbury?

Arsenal's Highbury Stadium was used for competitive matches for the first time in the 1913-14 season - the first game of the season, in which they played in Division Two, having been relegated the previous year from Division One, saw them beat Leicester City 2 - 1. Arsenal finished the season in third place, thus ensuring promotion to the First Division for the 1914-15 season.

What football teams have never been in the English 3rd division?

Probably Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. Not really sure about the rest though.

What nigeria premier league club have never been relegated to the lower division?


What football team reigned the longest in the English 1st division?

Arsenal is the only club in the E.P.L.ho have never been relegated, so they have the longest reign in England.

Which year was arsenal relegated?

Arsenal have never been relegated from the league in their history.

Has Chelsea ever been relegated from the premiership?

Chelsea were relegated from the Football League First Division in the 1987-88 season, finishing in eighteenth place, and were promoted from the Second Division in the 1988-89 season, finishing 17 points clear at the top of the Second Division table.

When weren't arsenal in the premiership?

Arsenal has never been demoted in its history.