Have any professional athletes ever burned out from their sport?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Have any professional athletes ever burned out from their sport?
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there are 1000's of disabled of athletes in the world, that compete in sports

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Australia has many fine athletes. It would depend on which sport you are referring to. It is almost impossible to compare athletes in different disciplines.

What drugs are used in Olympic fencing?

The athletes take the drug called sport enhancing drug that can make the athletes go faster and stronger. most of the time they are cought and can't competit ever again:D

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I believe it was Crosby or Gretzky correct me if i am wrong.

Has anyone ever had a medal taken away for playing professional sport while being in the Olympics?

Jim Thorpe

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Because they pretty much own everyone at the Olympics? And at pretty much every sport ever created. Do you even watch sports? Half if not more athletes are African-American if not African.

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no, not that i know of. I'm an athlete. it usually starts from joining a sport group. I'm a swimmer and i would recommend doing swimming.

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No. Historically speaking, former professional or collegiate athletes are longshots to win Academy Awards.

What sports made soccer?


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