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  1. John Barrish - Washington Redskins (1955)
  2. Roger Bradford - Pittsburgh Steelers (1954)
  3. John Bristor - San Francisco 49ers (1979)
  4. John DeLaurentis - Washington Redskins (1950)
  5. Jim Dumm - Baltimore Colts (1973)
  6. Wayne Fullerton - Pittsburgh Steelers (1964)
  7. Don Herrmann - New York Giants (1969-74); New Orleans Saints (1975-77)
  8. Chuck Milsic - Washington Redskins (1973)
  9. Frank Pastin - Pittsburgh Steelers (1942)
  10. Joe Righetti - Cleveland Browns (1969-70)
  11. Michael "Mo" Scarry - Cleveland Browns (1944-47); Assistant Coach - Miami Dolphins (1970-85)
  12. Dave Smith - Pittsburgh Steelers (1970-72); Houston Oilers (1972-73); Kansas City (1973)
  13. Harry Theofiledes - Washington Redskins (1968)
  14. John F. "Jack" Wiley - Pittsburgh Steelers (1946-50)
  15. Jim Worden - Philadelphia Eagles (1938)
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Q: Have any nfl players came out of waynesburg university?
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