Have Uruguay qualified in the finals?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Yes, Uruguay are playing in the World Cup finals.

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Q: Have Uruguay qualified in the finals?
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Who did Uruguay play in the world cup finals in 1930?

It was with Argentina.

Did Brazil play Uruguay in the 1930 world cup finals?


Who played in the finals during FIFA World Cup in 1950?

It was Uruguay.

Who were Spain playing in the semifinal?

Spain play Uruguay in the semi finals.

How many times has Uruguay played in the world cup finals?


When was FIFA first world cup?

It was in 1930, in Uruguay. Uruguay won it also by defeating Argentina 4-2 in the finals.

What are the odds of Uruguay winning the World Cup?

Uruguay will not reach the quarter finals, but it will reach the group of 16.It will not win the world cup.

Which countries have got the finals this year?

We are currently on the semi-finals not finals. The teams playing are: Uruguay X Netherlands (July 6); and Germany X Spain (July 7)