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No, they have never won it.

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Q: Have Oldham Athletic FC ever won the premiership?
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Who won the fist ever FA Premiership and when?

Hereford united.

Have Liverpool ever won the premership?

They have won the top league title in England 18 times, but haven't won the Premiership title as the Premiership was formed in 1992.

Have Grimsby ever won the Premiership?

Grimsby have never been in the Premiership since its inception, never mind win it.

As Liverpool ever won the premiership title?

yes a few times

Have Arsenal football club ever won the Premiership?

Yes, 3 times

Who has spent the most since the premiership started?

Buying players Chelsea £744,440,000 Won Premiership Man CITY £649,180,000 Won Premiership Liverpool £552,205,000 Not Man UTD £483,150,000 Won Premiership Spurs £412,050,000 Not Arsenal £341,090,000 Won Premiership Blackburn£195,462,000 Won Premiership

Who won the AFL grand final in 1975?

North Melbourne won their first-ever Premiership in 1975. They have now won 4.

Who has won premiership more?

Manchester United has won the Premiership the most times.

What football club won the premiership in 1998?

Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

Has Newcastle united ever won the premiership?

No. Since it began, only Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea and Manchester United have won it.

What two players have won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup been relegated from premiership still plays in premiership?


How many times hav Liverpool won the premiership?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership, The Premiership was formed in 1992. They have however won the league 18 times.

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