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Barcelona head to head matches with Liverpool

Barça 1-3 LFC LFC 5-2 Barça LFC 2-1 Barça

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no never

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Q: Have Liverpool ever lost to Barcelona?
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Has Barcelona ever lost?

Yes, Barcelona has lost many times. In fact, they came in second for La Liga this season.

What score is Liverpool vs Barcelona going to be in 2014?

Barcelona 2-1 Liverpool

How many times have Chelsea lost at Stamford Bridge?

3 times,Barcelona at 2002,Arsenel at 2004,Liverpool at 2008

Who has won more trophies Liverpool or Barcelona?

Barcelona have always won more trophies then Liverpool any day.

Which Football players have played for 3 clubs including Manchester united Chelsea Liverpool or Barcelona?

Mark Hughes played for Man United, Chelsea and Barcelona. Bolo Zenden played for Chelsea, Barcelona and Liverpool

Does iniesta play for Liverpool?

absoloutely not! He plays for Barcelona.

Will Liverpool sign David Villa?

Not after Barcelona signed him.

How many visitores come to Liverpool?

fc Barcelona

Have Arsenal ever won the Champions League?

No. They have reached the final once, but were beaten. The only English teams to hve won the European Cup are: Manchester United Liverpool Nottingham Forest Aston Villa

Ex liverpool players that have played for barcelona?

Javier Mascherano

Which three Liverpool players have gone from Liverpool to barcelona?

Noone, but some Liverpool players has gone to Real Madrid, like Xabier 'Xabi' Alonso

Name 7 players to have palyed for 2 English top 4 clubs and 1 spanish club?

Mark Hughes - Man U, Chelsea & Barcelona Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona Jermaine Pennant- Arsenal, Liberpool, Real Zaragoza Emmanuel Petit - Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona Michael Owen - Liverpool, Man U, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid