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The Colts played in Baltimore from 1953-1983. They moved to Indianapolis for the 1984 season.

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2008-06-02 19:27:04
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Q: Have Indianapolis Colts been relocated to another area?
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Where did the Indianapolis Colts get their name?

The franchise originated in Baltimore, an area known for its horse breeding.

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I believe they originated in Baltimore, an area known for its horse breeding.

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They weren't unable to keep the Colts, the manager was in his mid 20's and decided they should go to Indianapolis, because they offered the highest seating at the Hoosier Dome,later changed to the RCA Dome, they left in the middle of the night, just think about it... going to bed one night waiting for the Colts to start pretty good and the next morning the Colts are gone...sad isn't it?... I live in the Indianapolis area so I am glad they moved, but probably by now Indy would have a team if the Colts didn't move,, like the Indianapolis Ravens, the Colts now are one of the best teams in the NFL.

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