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Yes the score with Mexico ended 3-1.

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Q: Have Argentina conceded a goal in the 2010 world cup?
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Fastest goal in world cup 2010?

germony against Argentina

Who score the most goal in a single world cup 2010 match?

3 goals by Argentina's Hugain

How many goals has Argentina scored in the history of the World Cup?

In the competition proper, Argentina have qualified for the World Cup on fifteen occasions, missing just four World Cup competitions. They withdrew from the competition in 1938, 1950 and 1954, and failed to qualify for the 1970 competition.Their goal-scoring record in the remaining competitions are:1930 - Scored 18, Conceded 9 (2nd place)1934 - Scored 2, Conceded 3 (exited in the first round)1958 - Scored 5, Conceded 10 (exited in the first round)1966 - Scored 4, Conceded 2 (quarter finals)1978 - Scored 15, Conceded 4 (champions)1982 - Scored 8, Conceded 7 (exited in the second round)1986 - Scored 14, Conceded 5 (champions)1990 - Scored 5, Conceded 4 (2nd place)1994 - Scored 8, Conceded 6 (round of 16)1998 - Scored 10, Conceded 4 (quarter finals)2002 - Scored 2, Conceded 2 (exited in the first round)2006 - Scored 11, Conceded 3 (quarter finals)Excluding the 2010 tournament, this is a total of 118 goals from 18 competitions. In comparison, they have conceded 71 goals.

Which team was knocked out although they never conceded a goal in the 2006 fifa world cup?


Who scored the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Thomas Müller. Germany vs. Argentina. 3 minutes.

When was Mexico eliminated in the 2010 world cup and by who?

Argentina Beat mexico, match summary 2 goal for Tevez and 1 for higuin.

The Netherlands have conceded just one goal Against which side?


Who is the best goal keeper?

Sergio Romero because he only conceded 5 or 6 goals in Fifa world cup 2014.

Who scored the first goal in world cup 1990?

Cameroon scored the first goal against Argentina.

How Many times has Brazil conceded a goal to an African Nation in the World Cup Finals?

Zero. No African nation has played a World Cup final game.

Who scored the last goal in 2010 world cup?

The final goal of the 2010 world cup was scored by Andrea Ineista.

WHAT is goal difference?

It is the number of goals scored, minus the number of goals conceded.

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