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No. They have achieved only 3rd place in 1987

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Q: Has wales been in the finals of the rugby world cup?
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Was Wales Ever in the World Cup finals?

No Wales have never been to the world cup final.

How many rugby world cup finals have England been in?


Where have the last 5 Rugby World Cup Finals been held?

This years rugby world cup (2007) was held in France, the previous world cup (2003) was held in Australia, the 1999 world cup was hosted by Wales, the 1995 world cup was held in South Africa and the 1991 rugby world cup was hosted by England. (Additional Answer) The 1987 Rugby World Cup was joint hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

How many times has the South African Rugby team reached the rugby world cup semi finals?

South Africa has been in the World Cup semi-finals three times; 1995, 1999 and 2007! Considering South Africa has only been playing in the World Cup since 1995, its pretty good they've been in 3 semi-finals and won the final twice to date!

How many times has wales been in the rugby world cup?

Wales is one of the found countries and therefore is given an automatic pool position

How many times have the all blacks been in the rugby world cup semi finals?

I believe they have been semi finalists 6 times

How many world cup finals has Italy been in?

They have been in 6 world cup finals

How many times did wales win the world cup?

None, Although the rugby world cup has only been running since 1987. It is widely accepted that wales were the best team in the world during the 70's.

How many times has Argentina won the rugby world cup?

To date never (June 2011) However, they have been in 2 quarter and 1 semi finals

How many times have Australia been in the world cup finals?

Australia has never been in the finals.

How many times have Ireland beaten wales in rugby?

Since 1882, Ireland and Wales have played 117 rugby matches: Ireland have won 47 matches. Wales have won 64 matches. There have been 6 drawn matches.

Who has been captain most times for Wales rugby union team?

gethi jenkins

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