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No, he hasn't, but there are rumors that he will retire with a 20-0 wrestlemania streak

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Q: Has undertaker retired from the WWE?
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Has the undertaker from WWE retired yet?


Did you think undertaker is retired from WWE?

no i don't he will fight at wrestlemania 28

Has WWE superstar the undertaker retired?

Undertaker hasn't retire but there are rumors that he is going to retire with a streak 20-0. :)

Is dx toghter?

no Shawn michaels retired from the wwe in 2010 when he lost to the undertaker

Is the WWE wrestler undertaker retired?

no he is having knee surgery that's why he hasn't been on smackdown

When the undertaker is going to retired?

AHAHAHAHAHAHA dont u no that wwe is fake and no 1 watches it anymore...

Why did the undertaker retire 2011?

the undertaker retired from wwe because he suffered to much physical damage at wrestlemania 27 at the hands of triple h

Was the undertaker really banished?

i think he was but then he retired he returned to WWE Friday Night Smackdown when he lost to edge

Who has the most years in the WWE undertaker or Shawn?

it is Shawn michaels who is older in the WWF/WWE because Shawn made his debut in 1989 and undertaker 1990 so there you go The Undertaker debuted in 1990 & HBK debuted in 1988. But HBK retired for 4 years giving him 17 years. The Undertaker never retired like HBK either so he has 19 years.

Did Shawn Michaels leave the WWE in 2010?

Yes. He lost his streak vs career match with the undertaker in Wrestlemania 2010 and as a result retired from the WWE

Is Undertaker fake?

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

When did the undertaker join the WWE?

the undertaker joined WWE in 1990 at Survivor Series.

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