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Yes, but it is not common. So far it has only happened three times:

1980 Louisville #2, Iowa #5, Purdue #6 & UCLA #8

2006 UCLA #2, Florida #3, LSU #4 and George Mason #11

2011 Butler #8, UConn #3, Virginia Commonwealth #11, and Kentucky #4

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Three times.

1980-- Louisville#2 (champion), Iowa#5, Purdue#6, UCLA#8

2006-- UCLA #2, Florida#3 (champion), LSU-- #4, George Mason#11

2011-- UCONN#3 (champion), Kentucky#4, Butler#8, VCU#11

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Yes multiple times, in 1980 and 2006 there werent any number 1 seeds at all

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Yes; the 2011 tournament did not have a one seed. Also, if you ever lived on Mars, the atmospheric pressure would ensure your death.

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Q: Has there ever been a tournament with only one number 1 seed in the final four?
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