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Not that I have been able to determine. The nickname "Lugnuts" is used (probably for the first time) by the Lansing (Michigan) team of the Midwest (A) League. The Iowa (Des Moines) franchise (AAA) has been called the Cubs for many years.

The original team which played the first minor league game in Des Moines in 1930 was called the Des Moines Demons. The first night game in professional Baseball history was played in Des Moines on May 2, 1930. Since moving to AAA, the club was known as the Iowa Oaks from 1969 to 1980. The team became known as the Cubs after affiliating with the Chicago club in 1981, and has kept the name Cubs ever since.

there may have been a team in des moines named the lugnuts, however not on a professional level. i do have to add to mr. faulkner's brief DM baseball history. professional baseball began in DM much farther back. as far as i have found, the first team was in 1887-88 and was known as just the des moines baseball club. in my research i have found many names for the DM teams in the 1800's, some of which i doubt. such as: hawkeyes, colts, prohibitionists, water cures etc...and they were part of the western league/association. in 1894-97 they were the prohibitionists, in 1900-01 the hawkeyes, '02 the midgets, '03 undertakers, '04again the prohibitionists, '05 underwriters, '06-07 the champions and champs as well as the champs 2, then in 1908-24 it began to be a little more secure with only one name and that was the DM boosters. then in 1925-37 and in 1957 they were the DM demons. in 1947-56 and in 1958 they were know as the DM bruins. and then back to the demons for 1959-61. since then DM's team has gone under much fewer name changes, 1969-81 the Iowa oaks, 1982-present the Iowa cubs. and yes, common knowledge states that the 1st night game in baseball history was played in DM in 1930. however, in my research, i have found this to be untrue. a team in missouri, cant remember the name now, heard at the offseason owners meeting that DM was installing lights. this owner decided to beat DM to the punch and opened their season on night ahead of DM's opener and rigged up its own lights. so the story is not really all true. it is true that those lights were temporary. and it is also true that the 1st night ball game played under permenant lights was played in DM that following night.

hope this little ramble of mine didnt bore you all to death. have a great one.


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Q: Has there ever been a team called the Iowa Lugnuts?
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