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No because if the pitcher pitched a perfect game and his team did not get runs that would be unfair to the pitcher and a game is supposed be 9 innings

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Q: Has there ever been a perfect game longer than 9 innings?
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Has a World Series game ever been rained-out after five innings?


Has a World Series game ever been rained-out after five innings -?


Most innings ever played in mlb game?

19 innings

Who pitched the longest perfect game in MLB history?

All perfect games in MLB history have been 9 innings in length. The pitcher that had the most perfect innings in one game was Harvey Haddix of the 1959 Pittsburgh Pirates against the Milwaukee Braves at County Stadium in Milwaukee. He threw 12 consecutive perfect innings but the Pirates did not score as Braves pitcher Lew Burdette 'scattered' 12 hits over a complete game of 13 innings. In the bottom of the 13th, the first Braves batter, Felix Mantilla, reached base on an error by Pirates third baseman Don Hoak ending the perfect game. After a sacrifice and an intentional walk, Joe Adcock doubled to breakup the no hitter and win the game for the Braves. Braves' pitcher Burdette called Haddix's performance "the greatest game that's ever been pitched in the history of baseball".

How many perfect games have been pitched in?

there have only ever been 18 perfect games in baseball history.

What is the most innings ever in a baseball game?


Has john Maine pitched a perfect game?

He had impressive scoreless streak of 26 innings during his first season with the New York Mets in 2006. But no Mets pitcher has ever pitched a no hitter, much less a perfect game.

Has there ever been a perfect games with an error from a dropped foul ball?


Did Willie Mays ever pitch any innings?

Not in the major leagues.

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What was the longest Chicago Cubs game ever?

It may have been May 17, 1927. The Cubs beat the Boston Braves 4-3 on a Charlie Grimm single in 22 innings. Bob Osborn pitches 14 innings of relief work!

How many innings is the longest baseball game ever played?

92 innnings.

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