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Q: Has there ever been a Chinese professional football player?
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What is the net worth of pro football player Justin Miller?

Justin Miller is reported to be worth $5 million. He has been playing professional football with the Lions for 5 years.

What is Brian Harris most famous for?

Brian Harris is most famous for being a professional football player. Having been the most valuable player on his high school team, he has been building his athletic career in college. He has recently been drafted by the national football league and wishes to exceed everyone's expectations. He is also very well known for being an effective quarterback.

Who has been caught for dog fighting?

Rapper DMX, professional American football player Michael Vick, rapper Young Calicoe, & someone from the Portland Trailblazers was caught.

What is the Injury History for Carson Palmer?

Carson Palmer is a professional football player. He has been injured a few times while playing football. All the major injuries were knee injuries, with the most recent injury occurring in the 2012 season.

When did messi win the pfa player of the year?

he Professional Footballers' Association Players' Player of the Year (often called the PFA Players' Player of the Year, the Players' Player of the Year, or simply the Player of the Year) is an annual award given to the player who is adjudged to have been the best of the year in English as messi is not related to english football as he is spanish football so he cannot win a pfa award

Is there a football player with the name of Arkinada Armstrong?

According to Google, there is no documentation on the Internet indicating that there has ever been a football player named Arkinada Armstrong. For sure, this means that there is no professional football player bearing that name, but it may be that it is much more difficult to find documentation about amateur and high school players. There was running back named Adger Armstrong who played between 1980-1985 with the Oilers and Buccaneers.

Did German create football?

The modern game of football or Assosiation Football was created in England, but 'football' is believed to have been played as early as Ancient Chinese times, as well as by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

What is the name of the Fort Wayne Women's tackle football professional football team?

They are the Fort Wayne Flash who have been in existence since 2007 and play in the Women's Football Alliance.

How long has Michael ohrs been playing football professional?

I think he got drafted in 2009.

With what team did Joe Buck play football?

Joe Buck never played professional Football. He has been a play by play announcer for multiple sports his entire career.

How long has Jamie Carragher played professional football?

Jamie Carragher first started playing professional football in the 1996-1997 year/season. So, knowing this, he has been playing now for 13-14 years professionally.

How long has Cristiano Ronaldo been playing football professionally for?

Cristiano Ronaldo began his professional career at Sporting Lisbon in 2001. So as of 2012, he has been playing football professionally for 11 years.

Has there ever been a female play professional football like NFL?

There are no rules stating that a woman could not play in the NFL, but there has never been a woman to play in the NFL. There have been several females that have played the placekicker position in college football.

What football player has been on the most teams?

cheese cakes

Which football player has been on the most teams?

J.T O'Sullivan

What age do footballers start playing football?

Footballers start playing football at a very early age. Most start as soon as the can stand up and kick a ball. Between the ages of 5 and 14 potential footballers will be scouted by professional clubs and enter an academy. By the time a a player has left school he will have been offered a professional contract by a club and will play football professionally. It is very rare for a player not to be chosen to enter an academy and yet still be offered a contract. The chances of eventually being offered a contact are very small and only the most gifted and hard working players actually make it.

What US TV channels are the best to watch pro football?

CBS stations have long been the king of professional football. ABC's Monday Night Football was always great and now it is done by ESPN. NBC does Sunday Night Football.

How long has Tom Brady been a football player?

He has played football since high school. Currently he plays for the Patriots where he has been for the past 13 seasons

How many Heisman winners were drafted?

All have been drafted by the NFL but some never played in professional football.

Has any professional football player played in 5 consecutive Super Bowls?

As of Super Bowl XLII, there has never been a player to actually play in five consecutive Super Bowls, however, there has been one player, backup quarterback Gale Gilbert, who was on the roster of the Buffalo Bills that went to Super Bowls XXV-XXVIII and then was on the roster of the San Diego Chargers who went to Super Bowl XXIX.

What type of sports league competition is Serie A?

Serie A is a professional league competition for football in the Italian football system. It is regarded one of the best football leagues in the world and has been operating for over 80 years.

What is professional football player Bernie Kozar doing?

Former Browns and Cowboys quarterback Bernie Kosar has been living in Cleveland since retirement. Until this year he has worked as the sideline reporter for Cleveland Browns games. However, he has suffered recently with problems stemming from football concussions and is getting treatments for those. He will not be broadcasting this year, but has been promised a different role with the studio.

Has Peyton Manning been playing football for 16 years?

Longer. He has been playing professional football since 1998, so that's 12 years there. Then add in his college (4 years) and high school (4 years) and however much youth football he played.

Wasn't football originated in Brazil?

No. Southampton F.C. actually intoduced the sport into the country. Brazil has the bests football player in the world, and is the biggest winner of the World Cup. But football wasn't invented there. It has been originated in the UK, but that's also controversial, because there are some reports of a similar game played a long time ago, by the chinese, in the encient empire

How many years have the New England Patriots played professional football?

The Patriots have been playing professional football for 48 seasons. William "Billy" Sullivan was awarded the 8th and final franchise of the AFL (American Football League) in Novemver of 1959. The New England Patriots (Then Bostson Patriots) first season was in 1960.