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no there has not

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Q: Has there ever been a 4 - 3 football game?
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Has there ever been a 3-2 college football score?

Yes. In fact Aubrn won a game earlier this year by that score.

Has there ever been an NFL football game where the final score was 3-0?

Yes. The New England Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins 3-0, on December 12, 1982, in what is now known as the Snowplow Game.

Did an NFL game ever end 3-2?

Yes, there actually has been a 3-2 game in the National Football League. The only 3-2 victory came in 1922 before the enactment of the forward pass rule. The Toledo Maroons defeated the Chicago Cardinals.

Has there ever been a 3-2 football score?

No there has never been a 3-2 football score. The lowest NFL score was 2-0 with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears in 1932.

Has there ever been a Halo 3 game for the xbox?

no there is not a xbox version of halo 3. they do have it for the xbox 360

Has a NCAA football box score ever been 3-2?

yes. auburn beat Mississippi state last year 3-2

How many refs in a high school football game?

there are 3 refs in a high-school football game

Has a World Series game ever been cancelled because of weather?

While numerous World Series games have been postponed by weather, by an earthquake (Game 3 in 1989), and by the 9-11 terrorist attacks (Game 1 in 2001), no Series game has ever been cancelled entirely.

Has Wisconsin Badgers ever played Alabama in a football game?

Once ... November 3, 1928 in Madison .... Wisconsin won 15-0.

What college football game had the least amount of points scored in it ever?

in 1950 the score was 9-3 with 47 punts. With awful weather

How many years has football been around?

football has been around for 3 years

Has there ever been a 5-3 football score?

yes, one team scores a safety and a field goal, the other only scores a field goal.In NFL history, there has been one game that ended 5-3. That game was played October 17, 1925 with the Frankford Yellow Jackets defeating the New York Giants.

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