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None, each inning has a total of 6 outs so we would need at least 6 pitches, one per batter.

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Yes. There have been a few. Check the site.

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Baseball at bats are vast on outs not batters ... so...You can keep batting till 3 outs are made ...

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Q: Has there ever been a 3 pitch half inning in the MLB?
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When is the first half in baseball?

In baseball language, there is no first or second half as one sees in an American football game. Now the game has nine innings. Speaking mathematically, when the game reaches its 4.5 worth of innings played, that can be called a half. Benchmarks of tradition are the 7th inning stretch which is the end of the visiting team's 7th inning. The time between the top half of the 7th inning, and when the bottom half begins, it's called the 7th inning stretch. In many baseball stadiums a song such as "God Bless America" is played, normally from a recording.

What is the record for most pitches thrown in one half inning of a baseball game?


WHAT IS the Least possible number of pitches in complete game?

27, one pitch for each out for a nine inning game. _______________________ The above answer is incorrect. The correct answer would be zero pitches. If a batter steps into the batters box with an illegal bat then that batter is immediately called out, and the pitcher is credited with the out. So, if the visiting team's first batter stepped into the box with an illegal bat then he would become the first out without a pitch needing to be thrown; if the second and third batters also stepped into the box with illegal bats then they too would be called out, and the top of the inning would be concluded. For the purposes of this explanation, let's assume that the home team scores a run in the bottom of that first inning. So, if the remaining 8 innings occurred exactly as the first inning occurred -- with each of the visiting batters entering the batters box with an illegal bat -- then all 27 visiting batters will have been called out without a single pitch needing to be thrown by the home pitcher in any inning. Since 27 outs have been recorded, the home pitcher is eligible to be credited with a complete game; thus, the correct answer is zero pitches. I do understand that this scenario would NEVER actually occur; however, a scenario wherein 27 batters came to the plate having made 27 consecutive first-pitch outs is no more likely to occur, so it is thus equally plausible to assume the zero-pitch answer is correct as it would be the 27-pitch answer. Besides, the question does not ask what the actual lowest number of pitches thrown in a complete game was, but just what the lowest possible would be. So, again, the answer is zero. ~ badlukk13 ----------------------------------------- Setting aside the above answer - which, technically is correct - and assuming the pitchers actually pitch, if the home team is leading at the end of 8 1/2 innings (going into the bottom of the ninth) they don't play the last half of the inning and the home team is declared the winner without playing the last half inning. The pitcher for that team need only get 3x8 = 24 players out - consequently the minimum number of pitches would be 24. There is at least one other condition where it would be even less: If the home team is leading after 5 1/2 innings and the game is called for rain, it counts as a complete game and a pitcher can have it counted as a complete game after facing only 3x5=15 batters. In that case the theoretical minimum would be 15 pitches.

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King Tut married his half-sister Ankhesenamun when he was 8 and she was 13.

How long has Cathy Freeman been married to Alexander bodecker?

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Has there ever been half of a run in baseball?

No..there is no such thing as a half-run in baseball.

What is the rule in ASA fast pitch softball 12u for run limit per half inning?

Its a 5 point mercy rule

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How many outs are there in the half inning?

3 per half inning

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What is the top half of an inning?

The top half of the inning is when the visiting team is batting. When the home team is batting, that is called the bottom half of the inning.

Why does my elbow hurt when pitching. im 14 years old and it hurts when ever I pitch and its been hurting for half a year?

There can be many reasons why an elbow on a 14 year old can hurt. It could be tennis elbow or a problem in the joint. If it has been hurting for a half year, it is best to see a doctor.

How many songs have been ever made?

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How many pitches in each inning?

There are no set number of pitches in each inning. The absolute shortest number of pitches that could be pitched in one inning is 6, with 3 outs per half-inning, assuming each batter swung at the first pitch resulting in an out. I don't know the most pitches that have been thrown in one inning. I have watched games where a pitcher (or multiple pitchers) have thrown forty or more pitches in one half-inning alone. Until 3 outs have been recorded, a pitcher will continue pitching to batters. If a batter steps into the batters box with an illegal bat, he is immediately called out. If three batters on each team did this, you could have zero pitches thrown in an inning.

How many innings do you have to pitch to be awarded the win in a seven inning game?

A starting pitcher most pitch 6.2 innings of regulated play with the lead or retake the lead at any point with less then half the game to play ...

How many outs are there in a winning?

There are a total of 6 outs per inning... 3 for the Visiting team (top half of the inning)... and 3 for the Home team (bottom half of the inning).