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Q: Has there ever bean any disable synchronized swimming event?
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How do you spell bean?


What are some Olympic games that begin with the letter B?

Sporting events in the Olympics that start with the letter b:backstroke swimmingbadmintonbalance bean gymnasticsbasketballbiathlonbobsleighboxingbreaststroke swimmingbutterfly swimming

How many beans make five?

Bean, bean and a half, half a bean, bean and a bean

Is there another name for lima beans?

While it's commonly known as a lima bean or butter bean it is also known as Haba bean, Pallar bean, Burma bean, Guffin bean, Hibbert bean, Sieva bean, Rangoon bean, Madagascar bean, Paiga, Paigya, prolific bean, civet bean, sugar bean or đậu ngự

Is munggo bean a lentil bean?

Yes,Munggo bean is a lentil bean.

What are the names of the people in the Cadbury family?

Mummy coco bean Daddy coco bean Mini coco bean Sister coco bean Uncle coco bean Aunty coco bean Boyfriend coco bean Baby coco bean Twin coco bean Dog coco bean Cat coco bean

Which bean grow faster green bean or red bean?

Red and Green Bean Grow slower than a soya bean

Which is an appropriate measure of central tendency to apply to following list of heights recored in the high jump event at a track meet?

willy bean

What type of bean is a bean sprout?

A bean sprout is a young bean stalk, all beans have them

What type of bean grows faster a kidney bean or a great northern bean?

mr bean!

Is a broad bean a pulse or vegetable?

Vicia faba, the Broad Bean, Fava Bean, Faba Bean, Field Bean, Bell Bean or Tic Bean is a species of bean (Fabaceae) native to north Africa and southwest Asia and extensively cultivated elsewhere.

What is the difference between a bean and a jelly bean?

A bean is a vegetable and a jelly bean is a sweet manufactured confection.

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