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No, there has not been. Although in the Super Bowl there is always a designated home team, there has yet to actually be a team that's hosted the Super Bowl on their own home field.

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Q: Has there been an NFL team to host a Super Bowl at home?
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What city will host the Super Bowl in 2012?

Indianapolis, IN will host the Super Bowl in 2012.

What big city will host the Super Bowl in 2012?

Indianapolis, IN will host the Super Bowl in 2012.

Did Cleveland host the 2003 Super Bowl?

No, Cleveland did not host the 2003 Super Bowl. The Super Bowl that year was held in Houston, Texas.

Who will host the 2012 Super Bowl?

The 2012 Super Bowl will be played at the home stadium of the Colts in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 5th, 2012.

Is Indianapolis going to host a Super Bowl?

The new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis is scheduled to host the 2012 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLVI).

Which dome stadium was the first to host a super bowl?

The Superdome was the first domed stadium to host a Super Bowl.

Which us city has never been invited back to host a super bowl?


Has the host team ever won the Super Bowl?

No, that has not happened, yet. No stadium that has ever hosted a Super Bowl has had it's home team involved in the game.

What city will be the host for Super Bowl XLIII on February 1 2009?

Tampa, Florida is the host city for Super Bowl XLIII.

How many football teams of host cities have played in Super Bowl?

It's happened twice. Sort of. Super Bowl XIV was held in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The host team was the Los Angeles Rams (although they didn't play their home games at the Rose Bowl), who lost to the Steelers in that game. Then, Super Bowl XVIX was held at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto. The host team was the San Francisco 49ers (although they didn't play their home games at Stanford). The Niners beat Denver in that Super Bowl.

Can the Carolina Panthers host the Super Bowl?


When does Arizona host the next Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is coming to Arizona in February of 2015.

When will New Orleans host their next Super Bowl?

New Orleans, LA will host their next Super Bowl on February 3, 2013.

Is it possible for a team to have home field in super bowl?

Technically one team is designated the home team for the game, but I think you mean if a team can play in its own stadium for the Super Bowl. The answer is yes, the team from the host city must make it through the playoffs to the Super Bowl.

Can a NFL team get home field advantage in the super bowl?

Yes, but not by how well they play but by the luck of the draw. Stadiums that are chosen to host a Super Bowl are selected four years in advance of the game they will host. Therefore, it is possible that a team could play a Super Bowl in it's home stadium. Super Bowl XLV will be held in the Cowboys Stadium, Super Bowl XLVI in the Colts stadium, Super Bowl XLVII in the Saints stadium, and Super Bowl XLVIII in the Giants/Jets stadium. If the Cowboys make the Super Bowl this year (2010), the Colts next year, the Saints two years from now, or the Giants/Jets three years from now they will, in essence, being playing a home game.

Did Chicago ever host a Super bowl game?

The city of Chicago has never hosted a Super Bowl.

Did Pittsburgh ever host a Super Bowl?

No. Pittsburgh has never hosted a Super Bowl. But they will someday. Probably.

When the last time host team won Super Bowl?

San Francisco won the 1985 Super Bowl at Stanford Stadium, and they were the host team.

Can the meadow lands host a super bowl?


What years did Tampa host the Super Bowl?


Which city will host the 2010 Super Bowl?


What city will host the 2011 Super Bowl?


What will host Super Bowl 44?

Dallas Texas!

What is the cost to host a super bowl?

5 millions

What is the northernmost city to host a Super Bowl?

Indianapolis, IN