Has the usa won a medal in every olympic sport?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Has the usa won a medal in every olympic sport?
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In what sport does Michelle Kwan compete?

Michelle Kwan was a figure skater for the USA. She has been to the Olympics and has won every medal except for the Olympic Gold

What is the value of a 1996 commemorative olympic sport medallion?

one on eBay

Who won the gold olympic medal for gymnastics and for what country?

Nastia Liukin. Usa.

What diver won the last Olympic medal in platform diving for the USA?

Steven Gerrard

What country got the highest medal total at the Olympic Games in 2008?

USA (110).

Who won the last Olympic medal in mens platform diving for the USA?

Matt Fuss

In what summer Olympics did the US lose its first basketball game?

After 36 years of undefeated dominance, Team USA lost its first Olympic basketball game at the 1972 Munich gold medal game to the USSR. The last minute of the contest was and remains one of the most controversial finishes in Olympic history.

Who won a silver medal for Australia in the 2010 winter Olympics?

usa won the silver medal for vancover 2010 Olympic winter games

Which Olympic sport is the most popular?

Probably hockey (Canada and USA) and skiing.

Who won 1924 olympic gold medal at rugby union?

The USA won the tournament and because rugby union has not been played in the games since the USA are still the Olympic champions

Where was snowboarding started?

Snowboarding was started in the USA in the 1960s and was an Olympic sport in 1968.

When did boxing become an Olympic event?

1988 - Taekwondo Olympic debut as a demonstration sport, Seoul, South Korea 1992 - Taekwondo was again a demonstration sport, Barcelona, Spain 1996 - Taekwondo held status of an Exhibition sport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2000 - First time Taekwondo was a Full Medal sport, Sydney, Australia