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No. I believe that the University of Texas and The University of Alabama have played seven football games. UT has won six and tied one.

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Q: Has the university of Alabama ever beat the university of Texas playing football?
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Which university is bigger Texas or Alabama?


When did collage football bowl games begin and what were the name of the bowls?

Alabama university won the 2010 rose bowl against Texas university

What is the University of Alabama's record against Texas A and M University?

The University of Alabama has 3 wins and 2 losses against Texas A & M University.

How many times has Texas beaten Alabama in football?

never texas suck and stink at football

How many times has the university of Alabama and the university of Texas play football?

Prior to the 2009 season, Alabama and Texas have met 8 times with Texas leading the series, 7-0-1. Their last meeting was in the 1982 Cotton Bowl, won by Texas 14-12. The tie was in the 1960 Bluebonnet Bowl.

Who won the college football BCS bowl 2009 Alabama or Texas?

Alabama-37 Texas-21

What is the record between the University of Texas vs. the University of Alabama in college football?

Horns Roll The Tide Back. From their first meeting in 1902 to their last in 1982, Texas leads 7-0-1.

At which university in Texas is the Longhorns football program?

The Texas Longhorns football program is available at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The team competes in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision.

How many times has the University of Alabama and the University of Texas football teams played since 1982?

As of the 2008 season, the last meeting between the two teams was the 1982 Cotton Bowl with Texas winning 14-12.

What year did the university of Arkansas starting playing football?

The Razorbacks started playing interscholastic football in 1894. They played three games that year, winning twice against Fort Smith High School and losing to the University of Texas.

Does University of Texas at Dallas have a football team?


What is the best football team in Austin Texas?

TCU Texas University

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