Has the olympic ever taken place in the US?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Yes. In Atlanta. Summer games of 96 methinks.

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Q: Has the olympic ever taken place in the US?
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Has the US ever hosted the olympic games?

eight times

Where is the inhabited place wiht the most rainfall in the US?

Olympic Peninsula

Do tsunamis take place in the US?

no tsunamis have taken place in the US because it only has the ocean on the sides of the country, not the middle. :)

What place did U place in 2010?

It was of course, the AWESOME Canada! We got the most gold medals in Olympic history! Hooray for us!

Did the us ever host the world cup?

yes in 1994, also held olympic football tournament in 1984.

Where did the modern Olympics take place?

The modern day Olympics are in fact held in continents which are MED's or More Economically Developed. This means that they can afford to hold the Olympic games. They have lots of money and can afford to pay wage's.

Why does the US government place restrictions on who can become a US citizen?

so that jobs are not taken by non americans.

What woman was the only US basketball player ever to play on five Olympic teams?

Some chick could liana saduko

Why did the Cullens move to the Olympic Peninsula?

Olympic Peninsula is perhaps the rainiest place in the US. when the vampires come in sunlight their skin sparkles. edward thinks this will cause traffic problems and reveal their dark secret as well. so they move to this place.

What major changes have taken place in the US over the last twenty years?


Who is the first swimming olympic medalist of the US?

The first ever American Olympic swimming medalists were Charles Daniels (silver) and Scott Leary (bronze) in men's 100 yard freestyle at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

What wars have taken place in the US in the 1900's?

none, unless you count pearl harbor.