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No. Prior to 1969, there were no division in either league. Whichever team in each league had the best regular season record was the league's representative in the World Series. So, prior to 1969, only one team from each league made the playoffs and the only playoff round was the World Series. Starting in 1969, each league divided its teams into two divisions, the East and the West. The winners of the divisions would play each other in a playoff series (American/National League Championship Series) and the winner of that series would be the league's representative in the World Series. Two teams made the playoffs from each league and there were two rounds in the playoffs. Starting in 1994, each league was divided into three divisions, the East, Central, and West. The winners of each division would make the playoffs along with the one non division winner that had the best overall regular season record from each league. Four teams make the playoffs from each league. This is currently how the playoffs are done in MLB. There are three rounds in the playoffs, the American/National League Divisional Series, American/National League Championship Series, and the World Series.

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Q: Has the Major League Baseball playoffs always have 3 rounds starting with 8 teams?
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