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For many years the cups were presented in the Hogan Stand. For both the Hurling and Football Finals in 1999, 2000 and 2001, and the Hurling Final of 2002, the cups were presented on the field, instead of in the Hogan Stand. This was due to safety concerns of having a crowd on the pitch when the cups were presented in the Hogan Stand. When the presentations were made on the pitch, the crowd were not let on. This were the years and winners for that period.

1999: Hurling - Cork. Football - Meath. 2000 Hurling - Kilkenny. Football - Kerry. 2001: Hurling - Tipperary. Football - Galway. 2002: Hurling - Kilkenny. When Armagh won the 2002 Football Final, which was their first win ever, the crowd came onto the pitch and plans to present the cup on the pitch were abandoned and it was presented in the Hogan Stand. Since then the cups have been presented in the Hogan Stand for both finals again.

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Q: Has the All-Ireland Cup ever been presented to the All-Ireland winning captain on the pitch at Croke Park?
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