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yes it has always been divided into to halves

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Q: Has college basketball always been without quarters?
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Did college basketball always used halves instead of quarter?

No, they used to be quarters.

How many quarters were there in the first basketball game?

There were and have always been four quarters.

How many quarters are in high school basketball game?

A quarter means "1/4." That means that there are always four quarters.

In 1993 how long were the quarters in a NBA basketball game?

12 minutes. same as it always has been.

How far is a college basketball foul shot?

a college basketball foul shot/line is always 15ft fron the center of the hoop

When did the ncaa basketball go to 2 halfs?

The NCAA has always had 2 halves instead of 4 quarters. When the professional leagues came into existance, they adopted the "quarters" instead of halves. one of the original rules of basketball as Dr. James Naismith (inventer of basketball) published was for Two 15-minute halves with a 5 minute rest in between.

What are medieval quarters?

Quarters are always places that people sleep or live.

When did NCAA football change halves to quarters?

It has always been quarters.

Was Michael Jordan always into basketball?

yes and always will be active in basketball.

Which is the best women's basketball college?

Connecticut, Tennessee and Stanford are almost always among the very very best.

When did basketball become netball?

It didn't. Basketball has always been basketball, netball has always been netball. Netball developed from basketball in the 1890s.

How many quarters in 1 and 3 4?

No matter what the number, there will always be 4 quarters.

Were they always 12min quarters in the nba?

Yes, it was.

How many quarters in a physical year?

There are always 4 quarters in anything. The quarters in a year are known as the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn (or fall))

What is the newest brand of basketball shoes?

There will always be a new brand of basketball shoes.

What is 7th grade basketball rim height?

Basketball hoops are always 10' high.

What was Kobe Bryant goal as a young person?

His goal was always to become the best of what he played and that was basketball. When Kobe Bryant grew up his father played basketball and since then he has always loved basketball.

When was the two-point shot added to basketball?

The two point shot has always existed in basketball.

Which basketball players have perfect games?

No basketball player has a perfect game. There is always room for improvement.

Do you always start with a jumpball in hs basketball?


How can you easily score in basketball?

Never. Its always chance.

When did the length of NBA quarters change to 12 minutes?

It has always been that way.

What are some basketball jokes?

What did one basketball say to the other basketball? Nothing, basketballs can't talk. Why can't you not play basketball in the jungle? There is always a cheetah. Knock Knock! Who's there? Basketball! Basketball Who? I got nothing

Do tall guys always get center on a basketball team?

usually the tallest guy will, but not always

Do you always have to be better than someone in basketball?

no but most are and someone will always be better than you