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Yes, Bayern Munich won the champions league in 1974, 1975, 1976, and 2001.

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Q: Has bayern munich ever won champions league?
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Who scored the champions league fastest goal?

The fastest ever goal in champions league is scored by Bayern Munich's Roy Makaay in 10.3 sec against Real Madrid in 2007.

How many times have bayern munich played real Madrid ever?

Bayern Munich as played Real Madrid in 15 competitive matches.

How many trophies has bayern munich ever won?

11 times

Has an English football team ever beaten Bayern Munich in Germany?


Which team won the first ever FA Premier League?

Manchester united were the first to win the premier league in 1992/1993 and the first to get a treble of the 3 major trophies, Premier league, F.A cup and Champions league in 1999 when Ole Gunner Solskjar scored in the last minuit against Bayern Munich.

Have Chelsea ever won the UEFA Champions League?

In 2012 Chelsea FC won the Champions League final, beating Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties (1-1 after extra-time) having knocked out Napoli, Benfica and Barcelona to reach the final. This was their second final since 2008 when they lost 6-5 on penalties to Manchester United.

Which club has ever carried the uefa champions league back to back?

If we are talking about the current champions league, then no club has yet. As of now, 4/12/14, Bayern Munich have a chance to pull it off if they beat Real Madrid in the Semi's and win the finals. In the older editions of the Champions Leauge (European Cup), Madrid has won it 5 times in a row (1956-1960), and AC Milan have won it back to back (1989-90).

Have tottenham ever won the champions league?


Did manchester city ever win the champions league?

Manchester City has never won the Champions League.

Has anfield ever held a champions league final?


Have West Ham ever been in the Champions League?


Has tottenham ever won the champions league before?

No Tottenham have never won the CHampions LEague. They have qualified only once.

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