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He has not taken one since his miss in the 2012 Champions League final.

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2014-02-19 22:19:15
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Q: Has arjen robben taken a penalty in any competition including shootouts since he missed a penalty against Chelsea in the 2012 uefa champions league final?
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Which two teams competed in the 2008 champions league final?

Chelsea and Manchester United competed in the 2008 CL Final held in Moscow. Manchester United defeated Chelsea in penalty shootouts to win their third trophy.

When Will Chelsea win the champions league?

They were the runners-up for the 2007-08 and are favourite to win the 2008-09 competition.

How many Champions league Chelsea?

Chelsea have never won the Champions Leauge or its predecessor, the European Champions Club Cup.

What year did Chelsea get into the champions league?

Chelsea has always been into the champions league but they have never won it

When did Chelsea win the Champions League last time?

Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012.

Will Chelsea be champions?

Yes they will!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which years did Chelsea win the champions league?

Chelsea won the champions league in 2012 against Bayern Munich.

In which season competition UEFA Champions League final was played between teams from the same country?

2008 in moscow man u v Chelsea

How many times have Chelsea won the champions league?

Chelsea have won the champions league 3 times

How many times does Chelsea won UEFA Champions League?

Chelsea have won the Champions league only once. They won their first and only Champions league in 2012.

Was anelka among those that won champions league with Chelsea?

Nope, Nicholas Anelka was not in Chelsea when the won the champions league in 2012.

How may times has chelsea won the champions leauge?

Chelsea has one the Champions League only one time. They won their solitary champions league in the 2011-12 season.

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