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No the El Camino has never run in NASCAR. It did/does not meet any of the requirements at anytime in its production.

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Q: Has anyone ever driven an El Camino in Nascar?
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No. Bill Elliott has never driven the number 8 car in any of the Nascar Series.

How is oil put in a nascar engine during a race?

You shouldn't need to ever put oil in a NASCAR engine during a race. A NASCAR engine uses dry sump lubrication. This means there's a tank that holds several gallons of oil in the trunk of the car, a pump driven off the rear end, oil coolers and hoses to bring the oil forward.

Will they ever again race stock cars in Nascar?

It seems highly unlikely that Nascar will ever race strictly stock cars again.

Has Tony Stewart ever driven the number 44 car if so what series?

Yes, he has. Tony Stewart drove the #44 car in 1997 and 1998. It was in the Nascar Busch Series, now known as the Nationwide Series.

NASCAR rocks Do You agree?

Best sport ever.

Was there ever a black person in NASCAR?

yes.. Bill Lester

Did they ever make a 1985 El Camino SS?

I'm driving one.

Isn't Jamie McMurray hot?

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Has there ever been a female Nascar racer?

Yes, there has. Several female racers have driven part time in the Cup, Nationwide and/or Truck Series over the years. They include Louise Smith, Janet Guthrie, Shawna Robinson, Chrissy Wallace and Danica Patrick.

Did they ever make a 1983 Chevy El Camino SS?

Yes there is 1983 SS El Camino all you do is just look on side of El Camino say Super Sport that is a SS. I hope this help. and good luck to find those.

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Did a Volkswagen engine ever qualify for the NASCAR top racing series?

NO, volkswagen never attempted to get into NASCAR. Toyota is the only non-american company to do so.