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Q: Has anyone died playing football
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Has anyone ever died playing soccer?

yes its on you tube and it was like Asian football check it out

Has anyone died watching football?


How many football players have died playing football?

...too many. :(

Has anyone died playing volleyball?


Has anyone died playing basketball?


Did football ever kill anyone?

American football can be a violent and dangerous sport. In fact, many participants have died either training and practicing to play or from injuries suffered while actually playing.

Has anyone died in a football game?

Numerous players have died. List can be found in Related Links.

Why doesn't Quinnipiac have a football team?

because one of the founders sons died playing football

Where is he playing football at?

He is playing football where there is football.

How any football players died playing football?

Yes. There has been players that have had heart attacks in a match.

Has anyone died playing ice hockey?

Nick from Jersey Devils

How many football players have died while playing?

In the NFL, only 4.

How many people have died playing football this year?

no one... at least not yet

How many football players died playing college football?

I believe only one died from a football related injury. There were many to die due to other problems but during game play.

How many people have died in the UK playing association football?

Many more then 197 people died in uk

Has anyone died while playing in an nfl game?

yes thomas barden died while playing against the detrot lions of cracked neck

How many people died from 1920 to 1940 playing football?

way too many

What is correct the boys are playing football now or the boys is playing football now?

The boys are playing football now.

Has anyone ever died in football?

Yes. A lot of students die of heat stroke and dehydration yearly

Has anyone jumped into the endzone and gotten hurt in football?

yes, Adrian Peterson broke his collar bone while diving in the endzone while playing football at Oklahoma.

How many people died while playing pro football?

626 people since 1920!

What you do playing football?

nfl football, who is playing tonight,nov. 10,13

Football players that have died on the field?

Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions in 1971 died playing the Chicago Bears. He had a heart attack.

What are the Dangers of playing arena football?

the dangers of playing arena football are the same as if you were to play outdoor football

Is Cody paul still playing football?

yes he is playing football still